12-minute affiliate system review: it is a good buy or lose?

The 12-minute affiliate system is an affiliate program with a huge promise – make $460; get started in 12 minutes. When you read such a statement, the first thing that comes to mind is – Is a 12-minute affiliate legit? It’s a legitimate question considering that making money online is not easy. So, in this 12-minute affiliate system review, we will discuss all the main pros and cons of this program. Moreover, we will help you decide if it’s the right affiliate program for you

12-minute affiliate system review
Moreover, we will help you decide if it’s the right affiliate program for you.

Honest 12-minute affiliate system review

So, the first question we need to answer is – What is a 12-minute affiliate system? What doe it do? Who owns it? What is all the fuss about?

Well, Devon Brown is the owner and creator of the 12-minute affiliate system. According to some other Internet sources, he is an Internet entrepreneur who’s been working as a hip-hop dancer, MC, speaker, and blogger for most of his life. He entered the online internet business in 2001. However, it took him more than seven years to really start making money. That’s quite a lot, and you’ve got to make sure you won’t take that long. Good for him that he didn’t give up.

Unfortunately, for the 12-minute affiliate system reputation, you won’t find much about the creators on the website. All the information we could find is from third parties on the Internet. Anyways, now that we’ve got this information panned out let’s look at more specific details about this program.

The 12-minute affiliate cost is $9.95 for the first 14 days; afterward, you’ll have to pay about $47 per month. The good news is if you don’t like it in the first 14 days, or if you don’t seem to have success, then you can have your money back.

So, what do you do with this program? Once you pay the first $9.94, you will get access to an automated sales funnel. This funnel works through Clickbank, and it can bring you a substantial income.

As part of the deal, you will receive a special 12-minute affiliate landing page, an email swipe copy, and some affiliate product suggestions to get started.

So, yes, this is a done-for-you program, the same way that what you’re reading now is a done-for-you affiliate marketing system review.

12-minute affiliate system walkthrough

So, once you get started, you have to choose from three product niches: personal development, weight loss, or home business. You will be promoting products from one of these niches. So, we recommend you research a little.

For example, according to Wikipedia, personal development is a cumulus of activities that involve developing a person’s potential by improving and boosting their way of life. Personal development is a constant topic these days, as people strive to become the best version of themselves.


Weight loss is another hot trend. In 2020, the weight loss industry was worth a whopping $71.1 billion. People are interested in looking better, and working on that perfect beach body.

As for home business, this trend has especially exploded last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. People finally realized that they could work from home and have the time to get their own businesses rolling.

So, whichever niche you’re choosing, you’re on the right track. As we said, you receive a landing page that’s done for you and a list of e-mails. Step by step, here’s how the funnel looks:

  1. You choose a done-for-you landing page and the products you want to start promoting
  2. When someone visits your landing page, they’ll have the chance to sign up for an e-mail list
  3. Once you get them on your list, you’ll have a done-for-you e-mail sequence to use – send them e-mails with affiliate products and turn them into customers
  4. If they buy a product through one of your affiliate links, you receive a commission

Pretty simple, right? The only problem is that the 12-minute affiliate login won’t guarantee you a $460 profit after just 12 minutes of work. This is their value proposition, but it is not real.

Inside the 12-minute affiliate system

The sales funnel is legit, affiliate marketing is working, but not this fast, not in a million years. This is an honest 12-minute affiliate review, and we want you to set your expectations a little lower than what the tool advertises.

You need a lot more work and hours to start making a considerable profit from affiliate marketing. It is not a done deal. With all these being said, let’s get back to our 12-minute affiliate user reviews and take a peek inside.

The 12-minute affiliate system does not give you a proper account of what you’re actually buying. Their website is a suite of flashy advertising, and that’s a bit detrimental to their reputation, to be honest. Therefore, it is crucial you watch a 12-minute affiliate video about what the platform really looks like inside, or you read our account. Either way, you must know what you’ll find on the other side of your $9.95.

The training

Once you buy the program, you will have access to the quick start guide. So, don’t worry, you’ll know what to do. As part of this training, you’ll be encouraged to choose the niche of the products you want to market. You will also receive information about Clickbank – what it is and how to create an account.

If you’re not familiar with it, Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace founded in 1998. These days, there are about 200 million customers on the platform. So, it is a trustworthy program. You can sign up as a Vendor if you have a digital good you want to promote and sell, or you can sign up as an affiliate. Affiliates earn passive income from promoting various products from the platform. As part of the 12-minute affiliate system, you will sign up as an affiliate.

After creating the free Clickbank account, you will also receive training regarding Aweber Autoresponder, which you’ll also have to purchase a license for. This is the tool you’re going to use to collect e-mail addresses from your potential clients. You will also utilize this tool to send e-mails out to your list.

The last step in your training will be the integration of the autoresponder to Clickbank, and then further on, to your landing page.

After you’ve completed this training, you’ll know what you have to do next. Does it take 12 minutes to complete the guide? It depends on you. However, we recommend you take more time to let it sink in and also read more about Clickbank and Aweber. That extra information won’t hurt.


The e-mail marketing app Aweber was founded in 1998; about 100,000 people or businesses use it these days. It helps capture users’ e-mail addresses and compile them into an e-mail list. What is more, you also use it to design the newsletter you’re going to send to your potential audience. Once everything is in place, you can simply automate the sending process, so you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Furthermore, the app offers in-depth analytics for who opened, read, or ignored your e-mails.

The traffic area

This is another section inside the 12-minute affiliate system. It is strictly for buying traffic. Unfortunately, the program does not teach you much about traffic, and this is the most important component of affiliate marketing. You cannot earn hundreds of dollars a month without traffic. You cannot do anything in affiliate marketing if you don’t master the art of getting people on your landing page or website.

The 12-minute affiliate system encourages you to buy traffic, and this can be quite expensive. Instead, you should look at some other free traffic methods, like SEO or Social Media. 12-minute affiliate facebook could work – where you promote the products from the program on a Facebook page, and not strictly as the model instructs you to.

We think this is the biggest flaw of this program – encouraging you to buy traffic from day one. You should start reading more about SEO first.

Do not underestimate SEO!

SEO brings organic results from the Google search function. It means you follow Google’s book of rules, and then it rewards you by getting your content up there on the first search result pages. One major thing that you should keep in mind here is that – the vast majority of traffic and the high-quality audience comes from organic search and not paid advertising.

The benefits of SEO are clear:

  • Bring more traffic in
  • Keep a constant passive traffic curve
  • It is free, but it takes more time to implement
  • It leads to better discovery on Google

Overall, SEO is free, but the tools you need for keyword research are quite expensive, and it will take time. So to get your website completely SEO-friendly is an uphill battle.

The paid traffic solution offered by the 12-minute affiliate program is easier and shorter, but it is much more costly. It is not a long-term sustainable business model. You can start this way, if you are willing to invest, you’ll make some money, but you need to consider SEO and proper content strategy in the long term. This is an honest 12-minute affiliate system review, and this is our honest advice.

12 minute affiliate landing page
You have different technical details and access to a plethora of analytics here.

The service manager area

This is another area you will find in the program. This is where you can manage all the e-mails that are going out to your potential audience. You have different technical details and access to a plethora of analytics here. This is your sales funnel control room right here.

Speaking of sales funnels, we will look at what a sales funnel is and why it is so important to have one done just for you. It will surely help in the long term if you want to pursue an affiliate marketing career.

First, let’s finish with our 12-minute affiliate system review and look into all the system’s inside areas.


Yes, there is a section called “resources”, and here you will find a lot of additional goodies that will help you in your journey, such as:

  • training videos
  • ready-made e-mails
  • eBooks
  • products to promote

So, when you have time, browse these resources and read them all. As we were saying, information is crucial, and it doesn’t hurt, not one bit.
Remember that “Knowledge has a beginning but no end“.

Support and Facebook group access area

A proper 12-minute affiliate system review would not be complete without discussing the support area. Customer support is crucial for every service or product. It is an important aspect to consider when shopping, especially for a service such as this, that might require occasional help from the provider.

So, good news. The 12-minute affiliate system does have a place where you can open a support ticket in case you have any problem with how the program works. Forget 12-minute affiliate Reddit; you can join the closed Facebook group where you will have access to countless other 12-minute affiliate user reviews.

In the Facebook group, you can interact with users who are already making money using this program. You can ask for questions, and suggestions, enter discussions and even leave your own review.

This is about everything that a 12-minute affiliate sign-up will offer you. All in all, it is a ready-made sales funnel that you can just buy into and make yourself. So, let’s talk a bit about sales funnels.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is just a fancy term for what is essentially a customer’s journey from the first contact to the actual purchase. When designing a sales funnel, you split it into three main parts: the top, the middle, and the bottom.

Why go through this whole trouble? Well, a sale is never a sale until the customer pays for it. Marketing managers know the struggle of missing that 99% sure sale on a whim. The prospect drops out at the last minute. It can happen for a million reasons, and that’s why you need a carefully designed customer journey. This way, you know for sure what the prospective customer will do at every step; moreover, you take care that his buying experience is top-notch so that he will not change his mind at the last minute.

Usually, the marketing team manages the top of the sales funnels. The middle is the sales team job, and the bottom is where the customer has to make the final decision.

The 4 stages of a sales funnel

We can identify four clear stages along the way of a sales funnel. Here they are:

  1. Awareness

This is where people first make contact with your product or service offering. In our case, it is the 12-minute affiliate landing page. You can raise awareness through paid advertising, SEO, and social media. In some cases, it even works through word of mouth.

To move those people down the sales funnel, you need proper marketing ability. Yes, you can start with a program as a 12-minute affiliate, but you need more than that. You need to capture people’s attention and make them interested in your offering.

When you purchase traffic, you purchase a person’s first seconds of attention. You need to make sure that those seconds will be prolonged into minutes or hours that will eventually turn into a sale.

2. Interest

Once they’re interested in the products and your story, then they’ll be willing to take action. One action is to leave an e-mail address or read more about your products. This is where you know you’ve got them hooked. However, the job’s not done yet, and you need to make sure they’ll stay hooked until the final purchase.

12 minute affiliate facebook
One action is to leave an e-mail address or read more about your products.

This is where an e-mail marketing campaign comes into play.

3. Decision

This is where your prospects will make the decision. If you have given them enough information to trust your product and your company, the decision will be favorable. If not, you can lose them.

Unfortunately, a done-for-you landing page won’t work wonders. As part of our honest 12-minute affiliate system review, we need to tell you that there’s a lot more work to do to design a personalized, autonomous sales funnel.

4. Action

The happy ending: it’s a sale!

How to create a personalized sales funnel?

1. You start with a landing page

This page should not just be a general LP. It should communicate your brand, what you do, who you are, and your story. Everybody loves a good story. So, tell your story, the story of your service and product. Be transparent, and deliver a good message. Moreover, your LP should have a place where people can leave their information –  you need their e-mail addresses to keep in touch with them.

2. Offer value

Often called a lead magnet, you need to offer your audience something of value – an ebook, a piece of information, or even a good story. Give them something in exchange for their e-mail address.

3. Nurture your prospects

After you’ve got their attention, you need to nurture it. Create an e-mail marketing strategy that will support your communication with your prospect’s audience. Share educational content with them, along with the latest offers. You need to make sure you’re not too salesy or pushy in these e-mails. Always keep that balance between value and selling a product.

4. Demos or special discounts

As your prospective customers are seriously considering buying your products or service, you should also consider offering them an incentive. How about a discount? Or how about a demo, a free trial? How about a bonus that could come with the product/service you’re selling? There are countless possibilities. Examine them thoroughly.

5. Repeat repeat repeat

Yes. Once you strike the gold formula, you need to keep it going. Focus on bringing value for the new clients and retaining the old ones. Offer product updates, information, and mind that engagement. Consider Social Media as well. Even if you have a done-for-you tool such as a 12-minute affiliate, you need to look in other directions as well.

The final pros and cons

So, now that we’ve presented the main areas inside the platform and how to use them, it’s time to mention loud and clear the main pros and cons. If you’ve made it this far in the article, you could also read a lot of useful information on sales funnels, marketplaces, product niches, SEO, or Social Media advertising. Now, taking all of these into account, let’s see where the 12-minute affiliate program stands.

12 minutes affiliate system
Once you strike the gold formula, you need to keep it going.

Let’s start with the not-so-good parts so that we can all end with positive vibes.

The cons

  • Mind the profit vs income difference

Now, this is not exactly a con, but the way it is said can confuse you; it’s true—the 12-minute affiliate user reviews you see on their website speak about sales, not profits. Your profit is a percentage of that sale. Don’t forget that we’re talking affiliate marketing and commissions here.

  • Little control

This applies to almost all done-for-you programs out there. They are not personalized. You buy into an automated system that works, but it works for everybody the same. It is not sustainable in the long term. If you want to become an affiliate marketing superstar, you can start with this program, but you need to learn so much more than this.

The pros

  • It is a program for beginners who will find it very user friendly
  • It can help you understand what affiliate marketing is first-hand
  • Affordable
  • Money-back guarantee since it’s a Clickbank product
  • It offers you first contact with what a landing page is
  • You get to experience a well-put-together sales funnel

So, we promised this would be an honest 12-minute affiliate system review, and we’ll keep it that way. This is a program fit for beginners who want to learn through experience. You’ll get the ropes of affiliate marketing, sales funnels, e-mail marketing, and all that it entails.

If that’s what you’re after, then get on it now!

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