Why online aggregators are the future of online businesses

The Internet is such a vast place that sometimes it’s tough to find what you want or need. Everyone wants to offer you the best deals, and the best piece of information. So, you might feel overwhelmed at times. Nevertheless, we’ve got online aggregators to help us.

What are online aggregators? Online aggregators are fundamentally online platforms that curate the top web choices in a specific niche. One such example is the news aggregator Flipboard which takes news pieces from various publications around the world and delivers them to you in one place.

Another example is the domain provider namecheap.com which curates domain names from .com to. NET. If you need hosting, security or apps, you will find some great deals on their website.


Online aggregators
What are online aggregators?


So, online aggregators are also great for shopping online. There are other deal sites where you can find the best offers and discounts for vacations. What is more, if you want to compare prices, you can access an online aggregator of price comparisons.

Let’s take a closer look at what is web aggregators, and why you can and should build one yourself.

Why do we use online aggregators?

So, what are aggregators platforms? They are specific apps or websites that collect information. This is their most basic function.

The Internet is this colossal library without a librarian. So, how do you find the best Christmas vacation deals on the Internet? Simple. You go to the best web aggregators for vacation deals.

What is the purpose of an aggregator? It is essentially a curator that picks up and selects search results for you.

Therefore, you can compare prices and features of products without juggling multiple websites. You find them all in one place.

For example, where do you book your plane tickets? Chances are you are already using an aggregator website for that. Rather than just perusing through different airline companies, and comparing prices and calendars, why not go to a single platform where you have all of them?

So, what is an aggregator website? It’s the magic tool that makes buying plane tickets so much easier.

How do web aggregators profit?

OK, so online aggregators are useful platforms that help us find some of the best deals. They help us compare prices and features of products or read our morning news.

However, who are online aggregators? What is their motivation? They should make some profit, right? Buying a domain on namecheap.com, and setting up, running, and maintaining such a platform costs money. So, are online aggregators pro-bono organizations? No. At least not all of them. In fact, you can make good money from aggregator platforms.

The web platform that curates deals from different industries profits from commissions. They either approach the sellers and ask for fees for featuring their products or get approached by the sellers.

Sellers know this is a win-win deal, as these web aggregators are usually well-indexed in Google. Therefore, their offers will rank high in Google searches. More than that, the more places you feature your products on, the more chances of selling them. So, both sellers and aggregators are happy, and this form of online business seems to be taking over the Internet.

For individual customers, web aggregators save time. You no longer need to go from one merchant site to another. You have all the different brands in one place and can make your choice based on your preferences and product features. It’s true, for sellers, the competition is fierce. However, they also increase their reach and exposure. So, it’s more a win than a deficit. In the end, online aggregators can bring more sales, and that’s perfect for any merchant, right?

The convenience of online aggregators

Online travel aggregators are some of the most popular web aggregators out there. They are very convenient and feature everything you need when going on a vacation. So, you’ll find flight tickets, accommodations, and experiences. All of these are in one place. You can compare them, compare prices and book your favorite deal.

Online travel aggregators were some of the first web aggregators that really took off. The convenience they offer is monumental. Instead of going to travel agencies, you can go online and find the best offers for you with just a click.

Are online aggregators more comprehensive?

So, the main question comes down to this: Are online aggregators more comprehensive than merchant platforms? We think they are.

I mean, what are online aggregators? Platforms that help deliver what you need based on the information you input. How do they do that? We’ll get more in detail in a future article.

However, for the moment, you should know that some of these platforms base their ratings on user feedback. In contrast, others use artificial intelligence rating systems to deliver recommendations for the best deals.

Online aggregators need to stay relevant. So, they have very specific criteria in place based on consumer preferences that have been studied.

These web aggregator platforms need to stay relevant and offer only quality deals and products for their clients. Otherwise, they’d be out of business. Moreover, it’s in their best interest to display the best offers because that’s how they sell and make commissions.

Namecheap – the best hosting aggregator

Now, let’s take a specific example of an online aggregator that does its job really well. Namecheap is a web platform where you can buy domain names, web hosting, WordPress hosting, business e-mail addresses, VPN, and many more.

They have a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating from more than 2 million customers. They have trusted partners of Figma, Imgur, and Buffer.

what is a web aggregators
Are online aggregators more comprehensive than merchant platforms?

Namecheap has lots of features for people who are interested in starting and running an online business.

For example, if you want to register a domain name and still don’t know which one, you can use their advanced domain name generator.

Domain name generator – cool hack

So, you drop a few keywords or similar domain names in a text box. You choose your price range and TLD, and then click “Generate”.

As for TLDs, you have about 519 of them. You can easily find the one that fits your business like a glove.

This domain name generator also has a cool domain hack that generates some pretty inventive names to showcase your company.

It will find alternatives to your preferred business names. Moreover, they have a very intuitive prefix/suffix capability that will suggest some pretty impressive alternatives for registered domains.

You can collaborate with your colleagues or friends and share the domain names generated with Namecheap. You basically have it all in one single place. It’s a really cool service.

They wouldn’t be a proper online aggregator if they didn’t have proper offers, right? So, if you go on their website, you will also find super cool deals for Black Friday or Christmas. If you’re more of a domain hunter, always keeping an eye on the hottest picks, you’ll love these Namecheap deals.

Great hosting packages

Hosting is crucial for your online business Namecheap offers a vast selection of web hosting solutions. They have affordable hosting plans for small businesses just starting out. They have hosting solutions for e-commerce specialists or solopreneurs.

If you have a large business and need to invest in maximum hosting power, they also offer secure and flexible hosting solutions.

Main hosting plans

Shared hosting – starting from $1.88/month

You get unmetered bandwidth, a free website builder tool, and free automatic SSL installation. Moreover, you will receive Namecheap’s free content delivery network, including basic DDoS protection, custom SSL upload, and a traffic limit of 50 GB per month. If you are not content with the services, you can ask for your money back in 30 days.

For up to $4.98/month, you can

Reseller hosting plans – starting from $19.88/month

You get unmetered bandwidth, free cPanel/WHM, and also a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, these plans provide up to 150 GB SSD disk space and 150 cPanel accounts.

WordPress hosting – starting from $11.88/month

This WordPress hosting plan is really juicy. You receive up to 100 GB SSD storage space and have a limit of 500K visitors/month. They even guarantee 99.99% uptime. The CDN and SSL are included for free.

You can set it all up in under 90 seconds. Moreover, your WordPress site will be hosted on Namecheap Cloud, and it will be three times faster than traditional hosting. You have limitless scalability possibilities as your visitor base grows. You will receive support from any domain name providers and have access to easy backups and restores. No headaches!

E-mail hosting – starting from $1.24/month

So, what do you get? Up to 5 free mailboxes, 75GB space for e-mails, and 30GB for files. Moreover, you will have full mobile sync support and anti-spam protection.

Secure your e-mails with a strong 2FA authentication and create a crazy HTML signature in any size, style, and color you want. Moreover, the Namecheap e-mail hosting enables you to create free alias addresses.

VPS hosting – starting from $9.88/month

So, what’s the deal? You will receive up to 4 CPU cores and 6 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD RAID 10, and 3000GB Bandwidth.

Furthermore, you will have full root access and OS selection. You choose the server management and get your money back in 30 days if you’re not content.

what is an aggregator website
Namecheap provides you with some powerful dedicated servers for sale.

Learn more about VPS hosting from Namecheap here.

Dedicated Hosting – from $40/88

Basically, Namecheap provides you with some powerful dedicated servers for sale. You can get up to Dual 16 cores and 2.3 GHz, 128 GB DDR4, 4TB NVMe, and 500GB backup storage. Now, you check all the details. You know exactly what you need for your business. These deals are really sweet, though.


Online aggregators are very useful web platforms where you can find great deals in almost any business niche.

For the online business industry, Namecheap is one powerful web aggregator offering you all the best hosting and server deals. But if your plan is just to go on vacation, then make sure you find the best online travel aggregator and buy the best deals.

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