What is Perpetual Income 365? In-depth review of the software

Financial freedom is like the Holy Grail of today. We all dream of doing great things, traveling around the world, and turning our work into fun. However, fun work is not really compatible with the 9-to-5 format, so you need something extra or something else. Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing system that promises just that.  

A $432/day profit does not sound bad, does it? So, how do you achieve that? Is it possible? And more than that, what is perpetual income 365, and how can it get you that profit? Let’s dive into an in-depth review of the program, where we’ll ask all the main questions:

  • Is perpetual income 365 legit?
  • How do I start?
  • Does it work for everybody?
Perpetual income 365
Financial freedom is like the Holy Grail of today.


Perpetual Income 365 – main points

Perpetual Income 365 is more than an affiliate program; it is a plug-and-play solution for marketers or people just starting out in affiliate marketing.

Shawn Josiah, a former Netflix developer, has created this program, which allegedly has the best algorithm for generating constant extra income. It is true; the promises are a bit too fabulous; that’s why we’re reviewing it right now.

So, what is this algorithm which seems to hold the secret to regular 5-figure income streams? It is called MCCA (Micro-Commitment Consistency Compounding Algorithm), and it can supposedly facilitate an entire affiliate marketing environment. Shawn claims that you will begin to reach constant passive income streams within 2-4 months of using the system. It sounds almost too good to be true.

So, what exactly do the perpetual income 365 packages include?

  • 2 “precooked” squeeze pages of your choice (A squeeze page is essentially a landing page to capture visitors’ e-mail addresses)
  • The web hosting for the above LPs is included in the package.
  • 31 days of an e-mail follow-up sequence
  • Ad traffic step-by-step guide

According to the founder, you don’t need any prior technical knowledge. So, if you’re motivated to generate a fair amount of money from affiliate marketing, perpetual income 365 is for you.

Perpetual income 365 affiliate programs
According to the founder, you don’t need any prior technical knowledge.

However, you should know from the very beginning that this product will not bring traffic in. It will help with the conversion, but you will have to spend money on paid ads to get people to sign up.

So, how much time does it take?

In the first 31 days, you will mostly deal with follow-up e-mail sequences. So, there will be a lot of work, to begin with. As we were saying, when starting out, you will have two URLs with web hosting, where you need to bring visitors to sign up. Once they leave their e-mail addresses, you will begin the e-mail follow-up sequence.

Your main goal would be to promote the very product – Perpetual Income 365 and some other ClickBank products. You use the squeeze pages to collect visitors’ e-mails; then you use an e-mail sequence to convince people to invest in the same tool. To do this, you need to bring traffic in through Solo Ads.

So, yes, perpetual income 365 is an affiliate marketing program that works by promoting itself. It’s cutting a few corners, that’s true.

However, the onboarding process is relatively simple, and you can get started with just $9. The whole system is pretty much automated. You do not need to attend any webinars or spend hours learning any technicalities. All you need to do is bring traffic in and attract people to your offering. Now, the program advises you to invest in Solo Ads to do this, but there are also other ways of doing that. Let’s take a closer look.

How to bring traffic to your website/landing page

The prerequisite to success in almost any online business stands in bringing virtual visitors to your online “home”. They don’t only need to “visit”. They also need to display a certain kind of interest in your offering. This is probably the most challenging part, and there are really no shortcuts to this.

Whether you want to build an online store, start in affiliate marketing, or sign up for marketing automation programs like perpetual income 365, you need to have a platform that attracts people. So, how do you attract people? First thing first, you need to build value. In the online era, “value” is mostly information. This information can take many forms. It can be pure knowledge, entertaining content, art, education, etc. You have to give something of yourself and put it out there so people can click and visit your platform, website, landing page, or whatever it is.

However, this is not everything. The online world is abysmally overwhelming, and you are not the only one bringing value to people. In fact, the online space has become so crowded, that it seems nearly impossible to get noticed. However, nothing is impossible, and you should already know that by now, especially if you’re reading this.

To rise above the deafening noise of online information, you have to grasp a few basic principles.

1. Trust is not built overnight

We’re talking about Google’s trust in you and your online page. Trust is built on authority. You need to show that you are a commanding voice on a certain topic. This is how you earn Google’s trust. Without its trust, you won’t have much success in showing up there in the search volumes, and this perpetual income 365 reviews here won’t help much either.

The perpetual income 365 affiliate programs work only to understand the basic principles of online traffic and the digital world. They’re not for everybody, as the author suggests. You need to have one or a few reads on the topic before starting with affiliate marketing or social media.

You have to understand the fundamentals of how traffic works.

2. It takes time

Yes, it does. No affiliate marketing program, no matter how great, can make you a millionaire overnight. It is a matter of months to build trust with Google and establish a certain kind of authority. You can cut a few corners with paid ads; it’s true. However, that will not solve your problems in the long term, and it is rather costly.

3. Analytics is crucial

Get Google Analytics to ensure that you’re on top of your audience traffic. What is more, if you’ve already started with paid ads, it is crucial you understand the conversion rates and tracking of clicks. Moreover, it is essential that, at the end of the week/month, you can calculate how much a sale costs you.

Perpetual income 365 review
Get Google Analytics to ensure that you’re on top of your audience traffic.

So, use the Google Analytics tools to ensure that you know everything there is to know about where your audience is coming from and who they are. If you’ve already started with paid ads, make sure you also know how the cost per sale. Otherwise, you’re on the wrong path and will definitely not reach financial freedom.

Other ways of bringing traffic to your squeeze page

So, now that we’ve established the basics about traffic and perpetual income 365, it is time we look further down the line at generating traffic. The perpetual income 365 programs teaches you only about paid ads. We think that’s not enough. You need more to ensure you get people to your landing page. Here’s a quick list of 20 traffic-generating strategies:

  1. SEO Optimisation
  2. Content is King – so, make sure you write content that is insatiable, alluring, appealing, and to die for
  3. Engage on Quora and answer questions from your area of expertise, i.e. affiliate marketing if you’re selling with perpetual income 365
  4. YouTube video tutorials – so, yes, this is one way to build authority and a voice in the field – make videos about your experience with perpetual income 365
  5. Get Social on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin even TikTok – you can make TikTok videos about your experience as an affiliate marketer.
  6. E-mail marketing – so, this is something that you get automated by the perpetual income 365 program – they give you a full follow-up e-mail sequence of keeping your audience engaged.
  7. Create and Share first-class infographics and rich, visually pleasant content
  8. Build Surveys specific to your industry to keep your audience hooked
  9. Do not underestimate mobile usability – your landing page should be extremely mobile-friendly, for that’s where your audience is coming from, mostly
  10. Create free webinars on your niche – share your experience and journey with your audience
  11. Search for perpetual income 365 on Reddit and engage
  12. Purchase Fb Ads
  13. Consider Google Re-Targeting Ads
  14. Nice to have – so, you can also consider partnerships, giveaways, and even influencers’ marketing for the future

There are many ways to grow your online presence, and affiliate programs like perpetual income 365 are just the tip of the iceberg. So, let’s get back to the review.

Who is Shawn Josiah – the founder of perpetual income 365?

So, as we have mentioned above, this program’s creator is Shawn Josiah, a former Netflix employee. Unfortunately, there’s not much to find out about him on their website. In fact, their website is more of a flashy landing page that seems quite dubious. There is no “About me” page or anything like that, just a video that’s presenting the tool and selling you a promise of making money fast and simple.

As we were saying, making a profit on affiliate marketing takes time and effort. Anything apart from that, it’s just marketing.

Anyway, let’s get back to Shawn Josiah. There is not much to read about him, but you’ll find some pretty impressive results if you Google his name. Apparently, he’s some sort of a cult figure in the online business, although not in the mainstream. We have found information about him being involved in several marketing projects that brought in a 7-figure income. He’s also a member of the Clickbank Platinum circle – meaning he must have generated about half a million dollars on the platform. Now, all this information is a big underground. So, take it with a pinch of salt.

There are some other things you should also take with a pinch of salt. The MCCA algorithm mentioned above is not as complicated and revolutionary as they’d want you to think. The program is more of a package than automated software, as it is advertised. So, what you get is well-thought-of, well-designed affiliate marketing planning that can help you kick-start your own online business.

So, who is this program for?

As part of the perpetual income 365, you basically get two ready-made squeeze pages to collect e-mails, a full e-mail sequence to guide you through turning those leads into sales, and a simple step-by-step guide on promoting the tool using paid ads. The so-called automation is how this process has been streamlined. That’s all.

So, is it for you? This might be the next question on your lips. If you have no experience with affiliate marketing up to this point, this tool will not teach you that It is not training or a course. It is just a ready-made tool that works to a certain degree. So, if you’re just getting started, you might need to read more about the fundamentals of affiliate marketing before diving head-first into perpetual income 365.

According to Wikipedia, affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing activity in which affiliates are paid to recommend products or bring in potential customers. It is a long-term endeavor; there are no shortcuts to it. You cannot just take a webpage, pay to bring traffic to it, and people will buy your products.

You cannot have $500 in a day, just like that. No tool will do that for you. This is probably the most important lesson at this stage. Making money online on affiliate marketing takes more than just posting a certain kind of affiliate link.

Perpetual income 365 upsell
You need to grow out of it quickly, though.

So, is perpetual income 365 going to help you? Probably, but you cannot take it for granted, as it is not a done deal. The way it is advertised is a little over the top. It is the first step for beginners to get used to the affiliate marketing environment and see how things move. You need to grow out of it quickly, though.

How much does it cost? Is it worth it?

The first number of $9 is quite misleading, to be honest. It is for people looking to make a quick profit on a minimum investment. You have to pay the $9 to start with. Further on, there is a membership fee, not to mention the perpetual income 365 upsell.

So, after you pay this $9, you will get access to the Members Area, where you will have the option to upgrade your membership. If you don’t do that, the upsell has no real value. Moreover, once you become a member, you will have access to a few Facebook Groups to see real stories from other people who have tried the program. You will see that for some people, the perpetual income 365 affiliate program worked. However, there are not many details about the money they invested in Google Ads.

But let’s get back to the membership fees for a bit. Once you have registered your card and paid the initial $9, you will be advised to buy a few upsells that will help you better take advantage of the upsell. Most of these upsells are just one click away from charging your credit card, so be mindful of missed clicks.

If you decide to buy the whole package, i.e. all the upsells, you will have to pay considerably more than the initial $9. Basically, in order to unlock more capabilities of the program, you have to pay more.  So, what do you get for your money?

You will get more leads (e-mail addresses to pursue). However, you don’t know how conversion-worthy these e-mails are. It’s a matter of luck. You might find yourself with a few more sales on your hands or with nothing.

So, perpetual income 365 – is it a scam?

Well, this affiliate program does cut some corners. This has led some people to ask the proverbial question – is it a scam? Is it really working?

Judging from the flashy advertisement and make-money-fast promises, no, it does not work. As we have explained above, no scheme will make you money just with a snap of your fingers.

However, judging by its main purpose – to help you make money on affiliate marketing – yes, it can work, but it depends on you. No program will work while you sleep.

So, if you want to give perpetual income 365 a chance and jump right into it, you should know that you’re going to make money by becoming an affiliate of the program. So, what you’ll sell is the program itself.

However, to start doing this, there are some costs:

  • You will have to pay a monthly membership of about $49/month (something you’re not told of as you log in)
  • You will need a proper Autoresponder tool to manage the e-mail sequences; it costs about $20/month (there are also some free versions, but not as good)
  • The Solo Ads cost from $50 to several hundred per month; you will have to decide on this budget and adjust it according to the results

So, as you can see, it is not as simple as advertised. You will have to invest some heavy money to get results, and you will have to work for it. Affiliate marketing takes time, trial and error, and some luck to break it even fast.

Let’s talk a bit about Solo Ads

So, perpetual income 365 recommends you use Solo Ads to bring traffic to your first squeeze pages. What are they exactly?

Solo Ads are a method of promoting a specific offer through e-mail. The main advantage of this method is that you don’t need an initial e-mail list. You reach out to a vendor willing to send your offer to his subscribers for a specific cost. If his subscribers click on that offer and become buyers, you make a sale, and thus, you make money.

Usually, you don’t pay upfront; you pay for results. These results can either be clicks on the offer or prospects (the e-mail addresses of the people interested in your offer). In essence, Solo Ads are an alternative to Google and Facebook Ads. Where do you find these providers? Just with a simple Google search.

However, it’s quite tricky to navigate this type of advertising alone since you have no guarantee that these vendors will sell you high-quality prospects’ e-mails. This is where perpetual income 365 steps in and gives you access to a few good Solo Ads providers to kickstart things. Even so, Solo Ads are on the lower end of the paid advertising specter. You don’t really know what you’re going to get; that is the problem.

Conclusion on Perpetual Income 365

The final conclusion is that you can make money online through affiliate marketing, and this product is one of many that can teach you how to do it. Well, not literally teach you, but you will learn a little bit of the good and the dark side of marketing if you go through it. You will understand a few things just by doing them, and that’s better than any course or training.

As far as the perpetual income 365 program is concerned, you should know it won’t make you rich fast and easily. In fact, if you want to start a career in affiliate marketing, this program is just the tip of the iceberg and an experience you need to grow out of quickly.

However, you don’t need to worry; this program is also offered through ClickBank, so you will get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the product. Another nice thing is that you will get access to a Members’ Facebook Group that is quite active. In there, you will see and learn a lot about the “groundwork” of affiliate marketing.

It is possible to make money with perpetual income 365, but you need to understand that you won’t build any real value with it; just refer it to other aspiring marketers. So, if you were following our ideas above, you need to start building value to keep an audience engaged.

All in all, perpetual income 365 is an affiliate program that will show you the ropes by throwing you into the beautiful fires of affiliate marketing, you can earn an extra income to start with, but it’s not a sustainable, long-term project. It’s just a small tip of a huge iceberg.

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