Get viral traffic through video marketing: 7 ways how to do it

There are several methods of generating traffic to your website. Some of them cost a lot of money; others are difficult to track or pin down. Most of them deal with Google search results. Nevertheless, viral traffic is not just about tricking the search engine’s algorithm. It is also about creating a buzz online and doing so with low implementation costs.

So, in this article, we’re going to discuss viral traffic software, SEO, and some tips and tricks on how to secure traffic from various sources. Nevertheless, let’s start with how to get free viral traffic. You need a platform, a very good one, and we’ve got one strong suggestion right here.

Viral traffic
You need a platform, a very good one, and we’ve got one strong suggestion right here.


Sources of viral traffic – Videly

Videos do some fascinating viral traffic magic. They can create buzz and capture a person’s attention for more than 20 seconds. No wonder vloggers have such success worldwide. Recent statistics suggest that over 44% of Internet users watch at least a vlog every month. The average Internet user spends 100 minutes a day watching videos online, and as a result, 85% of businesses use videos for marketing purposes.

So, videos are powerful. They’re entertaining and engaging. They borrow from the magic of cinema and bring some delight into our lives. After Youtube, TikTok is a major player on the market of videos with about 680 million active users at the moment.

Therefore, it is only natural to consider videos as a way to get viral, and Youtube is the main motor here. Now, not all Youtube videos are created equal. If you want to put your videos out there, you have to find a way to attract people’s attention. Youtube videos should also rank high with search engines. Otherwise, it’s for nothing.

There is a wide range of methods to get your video on the 1st page of Google, from traditional SEO to video SEO. You might also build backlinks and come up with visually rich and creative videos. However, none of these will guarantee you that first Google search page presence.

Youtube is owned by Google, and Google updates its policies and rules quite often. So, you’ll find yourself in a tiring uphill battle to rank your youtube videos.  Fortunately, there are solutions, and today we’re going to look at one – Videly.

But before we go in-depth into what this tool does, let’s first check Google’s latest released statistics on Youtube Videos.

Youtube statistics – viral traffic generator?

According to Think with Google, 86% of all the vlog content on YouTube is made by YouTube creators. There are more than 2 billion YouTube users at the moment.

YouTube is almost an international language. People from over 100 countries are using it in about 80 different languages. Every day, people watch one billion hours on YouTube. However, more than 16% of YouTube’s traffic can be traced back to the US.

All in all, YouTube is the world’s second most visited website in the world, right after Google. Yes, Google is YouTube’s parent company, so it’s like a family thing. Moreover, YouTube is the second most popular social platform, right behind Facebook. So, it won’t be a bad idea to consider facebook viral traffic as well.

Viewers aged 18 or more spend about 50 minutes a day watching YouTube, on average. So, that amounts to about 5 hours per week and almost 255 hours per year. How about that?


Viral traffic boost
So, it won’t be a bad idea to consider facebook viral traffic as well.

Another interesting thing, but not at all surprising, is that 40% of YouTube’s watch time comes from mobile phones. Yes, mobile rules, and it will rule for a long time to come. So, if you don’t have mobile-optimised content, you’re out of the game. Keep that in mind.

YouTube is also extremely addictive. People don’t just check out one video, and then they’re out. Statistics show that an average user would explore up to 9 pages a day once they’re on YouTube. Now, that’s interesting, but we’ll get back to that later.

There is a certain beauty in following these YouTube statistics. You can anticipate some trends. For example, between March and July 2020, the videos that had “beginner” in the title increased their view count by 50%. Remember to always keep an eye on YouTube trends.

YouTube trends

Remember to always keep an eye on YouTube trends. Usually, fortune favours the brave, and viral traffic can happen when you least expect it.

For example, 2020 was the year when people decided they wanted to learn a new thing. 82% used YouTube as a platform for learning, watching tutorials and trying to develop new skills. What kind of skills. Well, the YouTube trends report shows:

  • 50% more people were interested in beauty tutorials at that time
  • 90% more people wanted to know how to properly repair and maintain their bike
  • “Raising chicken” videos saw a 160% spike in popularity (how about that? people wanted to grow chickens while staying at home)
  • Learning guitar was also another important trend; such videos amassed 160 million views from March to April
  • Container gardening was also a thing with 6 million views (who does container gardening, really?)
  • 215% more self-care videos were uploaded (well, that’s understandable)
  • how-to-videos also raised in popularity fast

Moreover, gaming was also an important aspect of YouTube trends last year. We have now reached the 40 million mark when it comes to active gaming channels on YouTube. 80,000 of those channels have at least 100,000 subscribers. But again, this is an understandable trend considering the pandemic and lockdown. What could you do in your house that was both entertaining and a viral traffic generator because…why not?

The most popular game was Minecraft, followed by Roblox and Garena Free Fire. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out.

Exercising and keeping in shape is also an important trend that you cannot ignore. “Home workout” videos saw a 515% increase. Moreover, people challenge themselves and look for the specifics, such as “how to do a handstand” (195% increase) or how to perform a dance workout (fun and exciting).

Keep an Eye on viral traffic like “home”

Yes, we’ve spent most of our time at home, so videos with “home office” in their title saw a 210% views increase. Watch out, this trend is still here, and it will be for a while!

If you dare to go a bit more general, you should know that people uploaded 700% more videos with “at home” in the title. Crazy, right? “Quarantine routine” were also important buzzwords, and they still are. Livestreams also increased by 45%, as viewers felt alone in their homes and wanted to connect with others. 56% of these people felt that live streams were almost as good as live events.

Furthermore, 51% watched a podcast recording in the last 12 months. Podcasts are increasingly popular these days. They’re like radio interviews, only that, with the power of YouTube, you can also put them on video. Two or three people discuss life in a chill and relaxed way. It probably relaxes viewers and makes them feel like part of the conversation. So, yes, you might also want to consider podcasts as viral traffic maximizers.

Moreover, YouTube users stated that the videos they watch help them feel like they are in a different place. They seek to be inspired and start a new hobby. As we said, videos borrow from the magic of cinema and help people travel virtually to another “dimension”.

YouTube ad statistics

Yes, this is the part you’re probably most interested in at the moment. Google statistics show that 70% decided to buy a product after watching the brand’s YouTube videos. If you target a YouTube Ad by intent, you might have a 100% chance of purchase than if you target by demographics. That’s huge.

Ad recall also performs ok. They state a 32% lift. So, yes, viral traffic ads also work. Nevertheless, you need a strategy, and you need to combine all these statistics, knowledge, trends and SEO methods. These viral traffic methods will get you a long way.

However, let’s now get back to Videly and see how this tool can help you attract your audience’s attention. We’ve looked at these Google and YouTube trends; however, they’re not necessarily going to put your video up there on the first Google search page. You need more than that.

Videly in-depth review

Video SEO and traditional SEO can work. They can help you gain traffic, maybe some leads and even a few sales. However, it takes ages to fine-tune them.

Nevertheless, YouTube is the way to go, even if it seems impossible to make it big at first. If you rank high in YouTube searches, you can promote your products out there and master viral traffic like a pro. You can send traffic to your affiliate offers and grow your online business.

But yes, ranking your videos on the 1st page of Google looks like an impossible task. Creating your own videos, by your own rules and ranking higher than Forbes might seem like an inconceivable dream. However, there is one thing you should know right now: Google favours YouTube videos better than anything else. Video content is king.

If you can reverse engineer Google and YouTube’s algorithms and get the hang of their ranking system, your content can be king. So how do we do that?

How does Videly work?

So, we’ve been mentioning this name for a while now and didn’t exactly say what this tool really is. Videly is more than a tool; it is a combination of various instruments that help rank high on Google and YouTube.


If you can reverse engineer Google and YouTube’s algorithms and get the hang of their ranking system, your content can be king.

The software was developed by a handful of video marketers looking to create a viable solution for digital content creators. These people live off video marketing and video SEO, so you know you’re dealing with some pros’ software here.

Videly’s main benefit stands in its powerful competition analysis tool, which can scan your niche and the weak points in your competitors’ ranking. It will help you create almost perfect SEO titles for your videos and get you in that TOP ranking place.

Videly’s main features include:
  • finding idle keywords that buyers are using, but other marketers do not
  • finding and monetising top videos from YouTube
  • it also features an easy-to-use video creation tool you can use to make videos by adding different images
  • you can also use it to publish your videos on social media
  • it works on Cloud; so you don’t need to download anything
  • no prior experience is needed
  • powerful rank tracker and competition analysis

So, once you purchase the tool and get access to the dashboard, you’ll have quite a bunch of buttons to explore:

  • keywords
  • video details
  • niche analysis
  • video report
  • rank tracker

If the colourful, gleeful dashboard seems too much to handle at the beginning, you can first watch the training videos. They will teach you the basics of video marketing and how Videly helps.

So, let’s take a deep dive into what Videly is and how you can harness its power to get your Google and YouTube Rankings high for that much sought-after viral traffic boost.

Videly keywords button

Ok, we’ll take each button one by one and walk you through what it does and how it can help you.

Once you click the big “keywords” button, a new page will open where you’ll see countless keyword suggestions, data, and information about volumes and rankings.

So, what this keyword function actually does is provide you with an overview of what your competition does on YouTube and how you can outrank them. To get all those stats working for you, you need to start a new campaign. You do that by clicking a nice little blue button in the corner. You give your campaign a name and then input the keyword you’re looking to rank for.

Afterwards, you’ll get the 8 most important traffic sources for your keyword, and you can research those. Moreover, there is also a regional research capability from a dropdown menu if you need it. You can save certain keyword suggestions and research them even further.

What you can also do is compare the volume of keywords between your main competitors. To make it easier to track and follow it all, you can always export the results in a .txt document.

Input your potential competitors and see what they rank for. When you’ve entered all these details, you can just press a “Research” blue button and wait patiently as results begin to appear. Now, look at them and choose the most popular keywords.

Videly video details tab

Although the name does not suggest it, you’ll find all the right information for choosing the perfect SEO title for your videos in this tab. To get started, you click on the “video details” little tab and fill in the main keyword you want to rank for. You also need to choose your language or the language of your main audience.

The tool will generate title suggestions based on your keyword and language. Pick one. Do not worry if it doesn’t fit completely with your video topic; you’ll be able to change it afterwards.

Now, let’s jump to the next step, shall we? You will see a template where you can add more keywords and also details about your video like this:

  • Suggested title
  • Video description
  • The main topic and 2-3 secondary topics
  • Multiple tags that apply to your video

Videly will then generate a complete video description for you that is SEO-friendly and sells. Everything in the description is differentiated through different colours, so you’ll know which is which. See, no sweat! Easy peasy.

Niche analysis (Videly pro users)

Ok, the first thing you need to know here is that Niche Analysis is only available if you’ve purchased the pro version of the tool.

Viral ideas
This Niche analysis tab lets you do more research into how they’re doing it.

If you are using Videly pro, then you also have access to this tool. We’ll assume you do and move on to review this section as well.

Alright, so you’ve clicked on Niche analysis and are now inside a new colourful page with lots of graphs and possibilities.

All viral traffic websites are mastering their niches; you should know that. This Niche analysis tab lets you do more research into how they’re doing it.

You have clear access to the best web hosting, and more video details like keyword density for every video description of your competitors. You can see the average views, minimum views or maximum views of their videos. Track their numbers and analyse them thoroughly.

You will find here video details for both YouTube and Facebook. Apart from understanding your competitors’ actions, you can also get some viral ideas from this analysis. You will learn from their successes and failures.

You have two ways to go about this niche analysis: enter a keyword or import other historical analysis findings. Afterwards, export all these results so you can easily keep track of them.

There are a few important conclusions you can draw from this analysis:
  • find the crowded keywords – it so happens that sometimes a lot of people fight over the same keyword, and the competition becomes deadly; so stay away from these highly competitive keywords
  • find the broad keywords and push them away – the real viral traffic generator is the long-tail keyword; aim for that
  • learn to be more specific with your keywords; see how your competitors do that

Rank tracker (Videly pro users)

On the Rank Tracker tab, you will find a real-time account of all the video ranks on YouTube and Google. You can add any video link you want, a specific time period and trail that video’s performance curve in time.

You can track the evolution of views, likes, comments, and Google and YouTube rank over the course of a month, a day, or a week, your call!

Video report (Videly agency users)

This video report functionality is only available to the people who have purchased the deluxe Videly version, also called Videly agency. What does it do, and is it worth it? Let’s see!

Once you click this tab, you are led to an input field where you need to enter a YouTube video link, together with a keyword. You click the Research button, and you wait for it to do its magic.

Videly will then tell you everything that’s wrong with how that video’s been implemented, SEO-wise. You’ll get information regarding:

  • title length
  • keywords
  • description issues
  • tags issues
  • overall video SEO optimisation

You can even use this feature to test your own old YouTube videos and see what went wrong. You will discover more about YouTube’s algorithm and what can determine growth or stall it.

Videly pricing

As you have probably picked up from the above review, there are different Videly modules: Standard, Pro, and Agency.

  • Videly standard – Keyword Finder and SEO Generator features – $47 one-time payment
  • Videly pro – Keyword Finder, SEO Generator, Niche Analysis, Rank Tracker, and Split Blaster features – $47 for 3 months
  • The Videly agency module  – Keyword Finder, SEO Generator, Niche Analysis, Rank Tracker, Split Blaster, Video Report, done-for-you website, PDF reports generator, WordPress themes – $67 one-time payment
Facebook traffic
Most keyword research tools are expensive, so this Videly tool is incredibly cost-efficient for what it promises to offer.

Videly for video SEO?

Theoretically, as we’ve seen above, Videly will help you get that Video SEO right. It does quite a good job with keyword analysis and suggestions. If you’re not versed in video SEO, this tool can teach you a lot.

Doing keyword research takes time, energy and a lot of resources. Most keyword research tools are expensive, so this Videly tool is incredibly cost-efficient for what it promises to offer.

If you manage to get those keywords right, good traffic will come your way. This will enable you to get better affiliate offers and put your brand up there on the first Google search page.

You can use Videly for all kinds of video marketing activities. It is available in multiple languages, so you can use it for an international audience without a problem. So far, it is a perfect go-viral example for video marketing. Nevertheless, let’s analyse the pros and cons of this tool. We’ve promised an honest review, haven’t we?

As with anything in life, there is the good and the not-so-good. Afterwards, we’ll go more in-depth into video SEO and what it entails. A little bit of extra theory never hurt anybody.

Videly pros and cons for viral traffic

So, Videly was founded by the same parent company that has also created Thumbnail Blaster, Live Event Blaster, and Video Marketing Blaster. They’re called BlasterSuite. Quite a name they’ve got there!


  • easy-to-use platform, perfect for beginners
  • affordable SEO tool (one-time payment)
  • impressive keyword analysis capabilities


  • it will not automatically bring you traffic and boost your sales as they pitch it

So, we’ve reviewed this tool. It is good, better than most in this price range. However, BlasterSuite’s advertising with “reverse-engineering Google and Youtube’s algorithm” is a bit over the top. We tapped into that at the beginning, trying to understand their hype. However, it’s just – hype.

At the end of the day, this tool will help you optimize your YouTube video titles and descriptions. It will help you analyse keywords and stay away from the highly competitive ones. It will tell you how other videos perform, so you can draw some conclusions from that.

Yes, it will do all these things, but it won’t put money in your bag; it won’t land you sales magically, with a snap of the fingers. You’ve got to know this. Otherwise, you’ll be disappointed.

Ranking high on the first Google Search page requires more than just a great tool. It requires your work and dedication, trial and error. So, our conclusion on Videly is that, yes, it’s a wonderful tool, but it won’t work unless you do.

Optimise your video SEO for viral traffic

Let’s get more in detail about video SEO itself and why it is different from regular SEO.

So, video SEO refers to the optimisation of your videos for ranking high on search engine pages and getting indexed for all the relevant keywords.

Videos are no longer a luxury for videographers with big DSLR cameras and expensive gear. Any kid with a smartphone can start a vlogging channel now. So, the video marketing area is quite crowded.

Every time you search for something on Google, you will inevitably get video results as well. However, it is easier to rank in the video tab than it is in the universal search.

By universal search, we mean the general 1st page of results on Google. Sometimes, when you search for a random thing on Google, you might also get video suggestions on the very first search page without having to look at the video tab. That’s the ultimate goal of video SEO and viral traffic ads.

7 Video SEO methods that work

Before you start, please note that you shouldn’t just make a video because everybody does. Videos should somehow come naturally as part of your bigger content strategy.

This content strategy should be the proper viral traffic generator, and the videos should just be the medium. Videos are not a panacea for poor content decisions. They should also fulfil some of your video marketing goals.

So, start by defining these goals and how videos can help you in the process. You really need to know what you want to get out of your video content.

After you’ve set all these, let’s look at how to get your videos booming.

1. Decide on the video hosting platform

This is not an easy decision. It is not just: “Ok, videos? Youtube”. Note that TikTok is also coming strong from behind, and depending on your marketing goals, it can be gold for you.

So, list all the reasons why you want to rank on YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok or any other platform. Where are your potential clients lingering? Going on YouTube is easy because “everybody is there”. However, you might miss that niche audience that’s on Vimeo that represents your target public.

Vimeo and YouTube are platforms that can earn you a lot of brand awareness. However, once you get your videos indexed on these platforms, you will lead traffic to them rather than to your website.


 Traffic methods
Once you get your videos indexed on these platforms, you will lead traffic to them rather than to your website.

If you’ve got a business that depends a lot on a website, like lead-generators and so on, then you should look for other video hosting alternatives that insert SEO metadata.

2. Mind the Thumbnail and video transcripts

Sometimes we want to look at a video, but we can’t because we’re in a quiet room and can’t make any noise. Or, let’s say a foreigner is watching a video in English but doesn’t know the language very well. So, transcripts can save the day in both these situations, not to mention those times when you want to see a Facebook video in your feed without sound.

And here’s the trick, transcript text is indexable; this means you have more words and keywords to rank for. Isn’t that great?

Thumbnails are crucial. It is the first thing people see before clicking on your video. Consequently, part of the decision to click hit that play button or not lies in the attractiveness of the thumbnail.

Your thumbnail is even more important than a book’s cover, so make it memorable, relevant, and just right.

3. Your video’s title and descriptions play a key factor

We know a video might be a difficult task, and you might even spend days getting that edit right. However, don’t fall into the trap of spending 1 week making a video and 5 minutes uploading it with a title and description. No. Your title and descriptions are as important as any meta-description of any blog.

You need to perform meticulous keyword research to make sure that you’re targeting the right keywords. The best formula is high-volume and low competition. If you cannot have both, go for the most specific, long-tail.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, stuffing descriptions with a dozen of keywords is not enough. You also need to make that piece of the text attractive, and clickable. So, you see, titles and descriptions are also hard work; give them the attention they deserve. You won’t regret it.

4. If you upload the video on your website, make sure it is relevant

If your strategy dictates that you attract more traffic to your website, then uploading the videos there is ideal. However, you must make sure the page is also optimized and that it reflects your video topic and keywords.

Otherwise, Google won’t even bother to crawl your page. What is more, you need to ensure the page is loading properly and the video’s size causes no delays. No one likes a slow-loading page.

5. Embed the video and make it the focus of your page

Google usually stops crawling for video content after the first video on the page. So, if you have a dedicated page on your website for videos, Google will only index the first one. Therefore, try to optimize only one video on the page to make sure it receives all the attention you want.

Moreover, do not hide the video at the bottom of the page. A lot of people choose to add the video at the bottom of the page. So you’ll scroll and scroll and then “oh, look, there’s also a video”. Chances are they won’t click on that video after scrolling endlessly.

Place your videos within people’s reach. It is not only people’s interest that you’ll lose. It is also the search crawlers’ attention. They are unlikely to go all the way down to the bottom of your page to index your video.

So, if you want your video to rank better, try placing it at the top of your page, and do not fill the whole page with videos. The best solution, if you can, is to make the video the focal point of your page.

6. Avoid multiple embeds

Don’t sabotage yourself by embedding a video on more than one page. Yes, you might have a brilliant video presentation of your business. Yes, you are very proud of it and want to showcase it in multiple places. However, it would be like trying to play catch with yourself, where you’re both throwing and catching the ball—the result – terrible.

If you embed the same video on multiple pages, it would be like you’re competing against yourself. Forget all those “be your best version” mottos. In video SEO, it won’t work. Viral traffic is not about competing against yourself.

7. SEO is not everything for your video marketing

You know the famous adage – don’t put all your eggs in the same basket? Well, don’t bet all your money on video SEO. Just don’t!

Google is quite whimsical. One day they’re nice, and you think you’ve got them pinned down. The next, they suddenly change their algorithms and policies, and you’ve got to start all over again.

Video content is constantly evolving and growing as a business in itself. Relying solely on SEO to get your video up there on the first search page is not the best solution.

SEO is quite predictable. You use a bunch of high-volume, low-competition keywords in your content, yet the next day you find out you got indexed for other keywords. SEO is quite hard to predict and control.


Video content is constantly evolving and growing as a business in itself.

So, you might also consider viral traffic ads, all sorts of paid advertising, and social media marketing. Moreover, let’s not forget about content and bringing value to your users. This is what counts at the end of the day.

If you’re relatable and manage to stay relevant, you will draw a quality audience.

Conclusion to video viral traffic

We hope this extensive viral traffic magic review has been useful for you. As you can see, video content SEO and video marketing are not as simple as black and white. However, with the right tools, you’ll get the hang of it.

Videly is an important collection of SEO and keyword research tools that will boost your video marketing strategy.

Although it might seem difficult, don’t shy away from videos. They are definitely the present and the future of digital marketing and content. Remember that the quality of the video, the thumbnail, title and descriptions should be top-notch and do not ignore the message and value that your video brings to the table.

It’s a slow trial-and-error process, but we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it. Stay relevant, stay relatable and start researching with Videly now.

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