How to secure your Facebook ads: Better to be safe than sorry

Protecting your information is one of the most important things you can do in this digital era. You’d better take precautions to prevent digital fraud and data leaks than deal with it as it happens. This is why it is important to know how to secure your Facebook ads account from fake charges or a complete take-over. Let’s not forget that your credit card is saved in your Facebook ads account, and that means anyone who can take control can use it.

Moreover, Facebook tends to disable Ad accounts for different, apparently random reasons. Most of them have to do with not understanding Facebook’s policies.

So, in this article, we will tackle this issue from a second perspective. Securing your Facebook ads account from outside hackers is also important. However, you first need to make sure that Facebook doesn’t suspend your account for not obeying their policies or getting a low account score.

We will also tackle some simple social tools reviews of how to secure your Facebook ads. This is a training course that helps you keep your Ad account safe or teaches you how to reinstate your Facebook assets if they have already been disabled. 

So, let’s jump right in!

How to secure your Facebook Ads
Protecting your information is one of the most important things.

How to secure your Facebook ads from being disabled

When you cannot use your Ads account properly, then you’ve got one of these two problems – either one of your ads received disapproval from a user, or Facebook has disabled your account for violating one of their policies.

A high negative feedback percentage is a bad thing in Facebook’s eyes, and they will not play when it comes to that.

Let’s look into what a disapproved ad means and some of Facebook’s main policies. It would help if you respected these like it’s the law. Maybe you might not agree with all of them, but you’re using Facebook capabilities. So, you should comply to some degree.

What is a disapproved Facebook ad?

Facebook can ban some ads immediately or as a result of continuous reports from users. Some common causes that lead to this effect are:

  • Overuse of some flagged words that infer clickbait
  • A lot of markings or overuse of capital letters
  • Lading Page issues, like wrong redirects or gaudy pop-ups
  • Unrealistic, bombastic income claims
  • Violating the main attributes of Facebook’s ad policies
  • Using Facebook’s trademark, logo, images, or even capitalizing its name

If Facebook users have a problem with your ads, they will be able to:

  • hide that ad
  • hide all the posts from the page you’re advertising for
  • unlike and unfollow your Fb page
  • report the content

They can report your ad for several reasons:

  • misleading or scam
  • sexually inappropriate
  • offensive
  • violence
  • prohibited content
  • spam
  • false news
  • political candidate or issue
  • other

Every time your content gets reported for one of the reasons above, you receive negative point feedback. So, the more reports you receive, the worse your score will be. Now, if one or two people report your ad, that’s fine. However, when the percentage of negative feedback rises in comparison with the percentage of impressions you get from your ads, then you’ve got a problem.

Why Facebook disabing my adds
The more reports you receive, the worse your score will be.

If you’ve got a good Ad that hasn’t brought you problems, you shouldn’t keep it forever. If the same people see it too often, they might get tired of it and hide it. So, that’s bad feedback also.

The more negative feedback and reporting an Ad gets, the more likely Facebook will analyze it. A Facebook rep does this. Therefore, you’ll have a real person looking at your ads and sanctioning you for every policy violation.

In some cases, Facebook updates might cause some disapproval. That’s usually a mistake, and you can discuss it with the Facebook representative and solve it.

So, how do you check your negative feedback?

You can check the negative feedback you get on each Ad from your Facebook Ads Manager. In the Ad Preview sub-menu, click to see the Facebook post with comments, and scroll all the way down to the Performance Results section. There, you will see a window with the performance of your post, and if you look below, you will see negative feedback.

So, you can see how many people have chosen to hide that specific post or all of your posts. You can see how many people have reported your post as spam or have unliked your page. This way, you can assess the performance of your Fb Ads and make sure you’re running a perfectly optimized Facebook Ads Campaign.

More about the training on how to secure your Facebook ads

So, as we were saying at the beginning of this article, we’re going to discuss a training program that teaches you to protect your Facebook ads account.

Therefore, this course will guide you through all the intricacies of managing a safe and optimized Facebook Ad account. More than that, you will also find instructions on how to recover a suspended account.

If you have dealt with disabled ads in the past and had no idea what really happened, this course might help bring some clarity to the matter.

Facebook compliance is a tough ocean to navigate alone without proper training. So, making sure you’re informed at all times is crucial for the safety of your Facebook assets.

This online course has 5 main modules that will walk you through the most important milestones for assuring your Fb Ads account is safe from any suspension or tragic ban.

The 5 modules are basically step-by-step videos covering almost every aspect of the Facebook Ads policy. The videos are both theoretical and particular. They depict specific topics and even a few cheat sheets to keep track of your Fb Ads Manager.

How to get around being blocked on fb
This online course has 5 main modules

Once you have signed up and purchased the program, you will receive access to the members’ area and begin your courses immediately. However, don’t worry! You listen to them in your own time.

The narrator of these courses is Bogdan, the founder himself. He is a successful affiliate marketer and advertiser, working in the industry for years and sharing some of those hard-earned insights.

Secure your Facebook ads course summary

So, as we were saying, the course contains five modules: videos of the founder talking and explaining several aspects of Facebook Advertising and Facebook Business Manager. They are arranged as follows:

Module 1 – Welcome and introduction

In the first video, like in any simple social tools content, the author welcomes you to the course. He will then give you a quick summary of what you will be learning throughout the course. To break it down for you, you will begin with the basics of Facebook advertising. Then you will discuss how you can protect and secure your Facebook assets. The heavy bit is where you will learn how to get back the disabled accounts.

This is an introductory phase aimed at presenting you with all the simple social tools and tactics. Moreover, the author will also share with you how he obtained the information, so you’ll know where you get the valuable information from.

Module 2 – Reputation and Facebook algorithm

There are 5 videos in the 2nd module. In the first video, you will learn all the possible reasons why Facebook might disable an account.

In the second video, the author will walk you through all the different Facebook ads and their particularities.

The third video is focused on Facebook’s algorithm and modus operandi. The fourth video follows strongly the different stages of the reputation of a Facebook ads account. However, in the fifth, Bogdan returns to the Facebook algorithm and goes deeper into how it sees and analyses you and your actions.

Module 3 – Conceptualisation

There are 10 videos in this module. The first video debuts strong with the main steps to take to ensure your account is secure.

In the second niche, the author will be talking about creating Facebook-compliant Ads for niche markets. You will learn what to do and what to avoid doing and avoid being flagged by the Facebook algorithm and its policies.

In the third video, you will learn how to create a landing page that will not bring you problems with the Facebook algorithm.

Following that, in the fourth video, the author will talk about getting compliance feedback and making sure the new landing page does not violate any of Facebook’s policies.

In the next video, you will learn about Facebook’s reputation. The author reveals several methods and steps on how to ensure your reputation is top-notch. You will also have access to additional sources if you want to consolidate this topic.

Next, you will learn about monitoring your ad account status and the performance of your ads. Following that topic, you will also learn how to deal with a rejected ad. There are ways of appeal.

Jumping right ahead, Bogdan will go through the importance of handling any negative comments you might gather on your posts. You shouldn’t let that bad engagement linger there.

In the last two videos of this module, the author explains the Facebook Ads circumventing system and how to steer clear of it. As a bonus, you will get a resource to create your own affiliate link to the product.

Module 4 – How to deal with a banned Facebook ads account

The eight videos in this module focus on the process of recovering your Fb Ads account in case of a ban. In the first video, you will learn about the basic steps to follow after your account has been banned. In the next video, you will learn more about the appeal to get your account back.

The third and fourth videos focus on different appeal scripts and tones and how to contact a Facebook representative. You will receive quick links to direct contact with these people, depending on the different issues you have.
Next, you will find out all the steps to follow in case your first appeal was denied. These are fundamental aspects of any simple social tools training.

In the next videos from this module, the trainer will also talk about removing flags from your account and creating new add accounts or business manage profiles. It is possible to create a new Fb Ads account without any associations with the older account. You will learn that in this module as well. It is fundamental if you want to know how to secure your Facebook ads account properly.

Creating a new Fb Ads account will not solve all your problems. You will also need to know how to build up a reputation, and that’s a strategy you’ll also learn from this course.

Module 5 –  Creating ads quickly

In this final module, the trainer will teach you how to create new ads within days after your account has been banned. Yes, it is possible. More than this, you will have access to a few cheat sheets. You can download them after finalizing the course. You’ll find in there all the extra information to complement the video courses.

A sum-up of the course and all the extra bonuses

So, this is a simple social tools course that will help you become a little bit of an expert in Facebook ads. At the end of the course, you will know:

  • All the reasons why Facebook disables accounts
  • The algorithm they use to rate the reputation of Fb Ad accounts
  • An in-depth guide on how to secure your Fb Ads
  • A few tips and tricks on how to use Fb Ads even for industries where it is not permitted
  • A thorough and documented account of all the Facebook ad policies
  • The ability to secure the reputation of your account
  • The know-how on how to get your account back after a ban

Apart from the five modules, you also get a few bonus documents as part of your simple social tools Facebook course. Curious about what they are?

Simple social tools Facebook course.
You also get a few bonus documents as part of your simple social tools Facebook course.
  1. A Cheatsheet on Facebook Ads Compliance
  2. A Pre-Appeal Checklist for a Disabled Account
  3. Appeal Scripts for Facebook Disabled Accounts
  4. A Comprehensive List of Words you Should Block in Comments

Conclusion on how to secure your Facebook ads

As you can see or probably already know, Facebook doesn’t owe anyone anything. It is a business, and they’ve got their own policies, their own rules.

So, this means we’ve got to comply. However, it’s never easy to understand what you need to comply with.

Click this link to get in-depth training and complete information on how to secure your Facebook ads, and that’s how you can get it.

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