What is the accessibility market and why it matters

Accessibility is a crucial concept in today’s modern world, and we are going to tackle this topic from multiple perspectives. First, if you’re looking to build an inclusive business, you need to tackle the principle of the accessibility market. What does this mean?

Well, you need to design an experience that meets the needs of every single person that is part of your audience. Your brand must create inclusive campaigns, keeping accessibility front of mind.

Moreover, integrating accessibility into your marketing campaigns will help you become more innovative. It sends out positive brand messaging while also meeting all the legal requirements.

By tapping into the accessibility market, you will increase the reach of your business. Do not forget that people with disabilities are also part of your audience. They are on that list of double opt-in leads. Do not overlook this audience.

Secondly, we will discuss the accessibility of the market in general. What is market accessibility in international trade? We will also look at that.

accessibility market
A tool that gets your business on the digital accessibility market.

Thirdly, we will talk about a tool that has the potential to get your business into the digital accessibility market.

So, shall we start?

The accessibility market from a marketing perspective

So, what is accessibility in marketing? First and foremost, accessible marketing means accessible content. Maybe your marketing campaigns are super creative. But have you asked yourself – are they accessible to all of my audience?

What about people living with a disability? Don’t forget that in the U.S. alone, 1 in 4 adults live with a disability. Globally, 1 billion people are experiencing some form of disability. This is according to the World Health Organisation.

Disability is part of being human. A lot of people experience it permanently or temporarily at some point in life. This experience is also hugely influenced by our environment. Unavailable experiences and surroundings create physical and emotional barriers that hurt people with disabilities even more. Consequently, two individuals with the same disability can feel it entirely differently.

So, if you want to position yourself as a socially-responsible brand, you need to tap into the accessibility market. You need to redefine your branding. The goal is simple. Expand your reach. Broaden your communication methods. Widen your media. How?

Let’s give you some simple examples. There are people living with a sort of motion sensitivity. Fast-moving images can trigger them. Moreover, some people cannot see specific colour combinations. See colour blindness as a reference. So, when you design your next marketing campaign, keep these things in mind. Avoid these colour associations. Avoid brisk-moving pictures that might trigger a reaction. Think inclusively about your audience.

This sends out a good branding message as well. People with disabilities will recognise your efforts. Families will embrace your brand as inclusive, responsible and of good quality.

Why accessibility is important

The accessibility has multiple layers. So, by focusing on people with disabilities, you also earn their families’ respect. Moreover, you touch their closest friends as well.

In fact, family and friends have a great say in our purchasing decisions. Consequently, they’re crucial to your marketing as well.

Moreover, disability can be temporary. However, if you’ve treated them right in their times of disability, you can earn them as customers for life. Disability can also be triggered by age. Disability is progressive and not always visible. So, at times, it can be difficult not to know who you’re talking to.

Therefore, you need to make sure you include everybody in your marketing efforts. Prioritise the accessibility elements in your website and content creatives.

The digital accessibility market size is huge. In the U.S. alone, people with disabilities spend over $200 billion. Globally, the estimate is nearly $7 trillion. So, next time you design your website, make sure it is accessible to all people.

Moreover, some countries have laws requiring you to comply with specific digital accessibility measures. This is why accessibility matters. Do you need more reasons?

How to design accessible content design

First of all, never go beyond the universal design principles. Keep accessibility top of mind, and even limit your creativity when it’s going a bit too crazy. Your brand will show its pledge to serve all people, disabled or not. In time, this will lead to a better bottom line for your business.

So, where do you start? You take baby steps. Little by little, you will find your tune and build a message that addresses a wider audience.

Here are a few questions to guide you.

1. Is your call to action clear?

Most marketing and advertising people fall in love with their punchlines and clever slogans. This is not a good thing. Because when you love something, you tend to be blind to how the whole world sees it.

So, before creativity and wittiness come clarity. First, you have to ask yourself – is the slogan clear enough? Do people understand what we want to tell them? People should not be guessing or searching for meaning in your slogan. They need to be told what your campaign is all about, loud and clear.

what is accessibility in marketing
Your campaign needs to be, loud and clear.

So, test your C.T.A. with other people outside of your organisation. You could even try a little focus group. See what they understand, and how they perceive it. An outside opinion can be like a cold shower. But you need it the most.

2. Are all your marketing fonts readable?

Yes, that brand book might be sacred for your organisation. However, the outside world does not give a damn about it. Do you know what your broader audience wants? Clarity. This means clear and detectable fonts and logos.

Most important than anything is that your logo and fonts don’t block your customers from interacting with your brand. This happens a lot, and brands don’t even realise it.

3. Consider alt text

Designers who work 8 hours a day on a specific visual will know all about it. Therefore, they’ll imply everybody can understand the visual. However, that’s clearly not the text.

Branding is not a joke. So, more often than not, you have to explain the punchline. Only in this way, people will get your message. So, always make sure you add enough text to describe your visuals. This way, all people can understand your message regardless of their visual ability.

4. Design all your landing pages with accessibility in mind

Your user journey needs to be loud and clear for all people. It’s a big step from the accessibility of the site to the market area. You need not lose your potential customers along the way. No, you need to make sure they add to the cart and checkout. This is where digital accessibility is crucial for your business. Make sure you offer your customers all the best accessibility software. So, in this way, they can navigate your website much easier.

5. Could assistive technology make it easy for anyone?

So, this is the final question you should ask yourself. Your visitors should be able to customise their navigation experience. Only in this way, you’re putting their needs first.

So, turn these challenges into marketing opportunities for your brand. Improving your brand messaging and providing equal access for all people, is essential in today’s world of marketing.

Make inclusion an essential part of your company and innovate. By pushing the boundaries of your accessibility features, you also help push the boundaries of your creativity and transformation.

Accessibility in market segmentation

The second perspective on the accessibility market involves a company’s ability to enter specific market segments.

In international trade, market access is the process of entering a new market subject to certain trade conditions. These could be specific tariffs or quotas.

In this case, market access is the subject of international trade negotiations between states. It usually depends on international relations and politics.

Nevertheless, this is where we should also discuss accessibility in market segmentation.

Therefore, you can divide a market into various segments. Why? Because you need to understand your audience better. Splitting it into manageable chunks will help analyse your target customer.

However, market segments should abide by the M.A.S.A. rule. Therefore, the need to be measurable, accessible, substantial and actionable. Let’s take a quick look at what all these mean.

The profitable segments in the accessibility market

First of all, a profitable market segment should be measurable. So, you should be able to collect data as to how large the segment is. Moreover, you should be able to assess the overall appeal of that specific market segment.

Secondly, you should see how accessible the segment is to your business. Check your distribution and communication features. Can they reach this specific market segment? Can you talk to your customers? They might be your audience, but if they live in a small village in China and you cannot get there logistically, then it’s of not much use. Therefore, you need to select market segments that you can keep in touch with.

accessibility of site to market area
Can you serve that new segment?

Thirdly, you need to think about the substantiality of your market segment. It should bring you enough sales so that it is profitable. Otherwise, you don’t want to pay attention to it. You need to set some minimum financial requirements for each market segment you want to penetrate. In this way, you can measure if a market is substantial enough to be of interest to your business.

Last but not least comes actionability. You need to analyse the market segment and decide if an investment is doable. Can you serve that new segment? Does your company possess the needed resources? It all comes down to your company’s resources and profitability. First, do you have the resources? Second, is it a profitable investment?

Go for powerful double opt-in leads

Maybe all this theoretical talk about the accessibility market and segments is a bit too high-level and abstract. So, let’s get down to the specifics.

You are at that point where your online business has a very powerful product. So, you want to promote it. Nevertheless, you have neither the time nor the budget to invest in it. So, what do you do? You employ the power of numbers and the double opt-in leads from Email Submitters.

What are double opt-in leads?

Double opt-in leads are valuable marketing assets, pretty simple. So, a user signs up to be on an email marketing list. These are normal leads. Sometimes they can be good; sometimes, they can be useful.

However, a double opt-in lead means that the user is sent an email afterwards. Only when they click on that link in the email are they added to the leads list. This way, you have the confirmation of your user via email. So, you know, these users are serious about what they’ve just signed up for.

Double opt-in leads reduce the chance of spam by a lot. So, you can be sure that there will be no bots in your marketing leads list.

Double opt-in leads can bring you traffic and profit. Nevertheless, they take a lot of time to gather. So, what do you do? You can buy them from providers such as Email Submitters.

57 targeted categories

Email Submitters offer over 57 targeted categories of double opt-in leads. They will obtain these leads on your behalf and then transfer them into your mailing database. You can even use their email services to directly send your Ads to your potential customers. It works like magic and will make certain market segments more accessible to you.

However, don’t forget about the accessibility market for people with disabilities. You should also include them in your marketing efforts. Be more inclusive, and you’ll win.


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