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Rank my photos are like a cry for help. However, Google is often deaf to your pleas, so the best way to optimize your photo for the web is to do it yourself. Google’s image ranking algorithm is not the friendliest one; however, there are ways to find an answer to the ever-lasting question – of how to rank images on google. 

The solution lies in Google image SEO, and we’re going to talk just about that. Moreover, we will also talk about optimizing thumbnails for organic visibility and what tools to use to link your photos


Rank my photos
Google strongly favors highly-contextual images that are also original.

Rank my photos and thumbnails in Google search

Google strongly favors highly-contextual images that are also original. Do not write about wildlife elephants and use a picture of a stuffed baby elephant. No, use images that are related to the topic you’re writing about.

Placement is also important. If you place most of your images below the content you provide, you can tell Google – ” rate my photo online” for how long you want. It won’t listen. So, make sure that most of your pictures are on the upper side of your content.

If Google were to make an image ranking search, mobile responsiveness would be one of the answers. This is especially important when you work on thumbnails. Ensure that all of the useful information is placed in the middle “safe area” of the image. This way, you know it works on a cross-platform.

How to rank image on google
The good news is Google loves thumbnails and video snippets.

Google image op also cares about the Image file name. You need to define it. Google hates the proverbial “IMG_32349083”. Don’t do that!

The image quality is also important, and it can be one cause of your rate of my photography lack of success. Google always checks the quality of the content you’ve uploaded within a page in Google search. The highest quality pictures are always favored.

Another key factor in the image ranking algorithm is loading speed. Google ditches heavy images that just won’t load properly. So, avoid that.

The good news is Google loves thumbnails and video snippets. The even better news is that you can now have the thumbnail you need in minutes with this powerful rank my photos type of tool.

Thumbnail blaster review

Remember those rate picture hot or not type of games; yeah, like the famous Facemash that preceded Facebook, according to Wikipedia? These sites had something unique about them. Apart from the whole psychological comparison thing, they had images, Lots of them, and they attracted people just because of that.

So, an image is powerful, compelling, and so effective that even videos need a thumbnail to rank higher on Youtube and Google. The first thing that attracts our attention is the picture. Therefore, you need to make it memorable, make it stand out, and also follow the community’s unwritten “rules”.

A Thumbnail blaster is a tool that does just that – creates memorable thumbnails to rate your content high. It definitely helps save time and money while providing you with plenty of creativity. It uses an AI-based engine that allows for various designs in your thumbnails. You don’t need to download anything on your computer or mobile phone. You can use the tool at thumbnailblaster.com.


Rate picture hot or not
The online editor is plain and simple and does not require any image editing skills.

What it does is basically automate your thumbnail-making process. It addresses full-time and part-time YouTubers or digital marketers and offers a plethora of templates. The online editor is plain and simple and does not require any image editing skills. You just drag and drop the elements. You also have access to a split test module and auto-updates.

How does the Thumbnail blaster work?

First, you need to select one of the 30+ templates available. If you cannot decide, you can let the AI engine suggest templates for you to choose from. These templates cover a multitude of niches and categories. So, depending on what you need, you have Click Bain templates, general templates, high-performing templates, and other such categorizations.

Secondly, you click edit and start customizing the template. You can drag and drop the elements; no technical skills are needed. Thirdly, you publish your thumbnail. Good job!

The bottom line here is – you don’t need advanced technical skills to solve your rank my photos problem. All you need are the right tools. Thumbnail Blaster is just one of them. When you need a job done, look for the tools and get it done!

Rank your photos and thumbnails right now with Thumbnail Blaster.

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