Offering the source file as extra. Fiverr guide

Hello, freelancers or soon-to-be freelancers! In today’s article, we will talk about Fiverr, source files, and other freelance-related things. What does the source file mean? We’ll look into that later.

So, if you’re a freelancer or looking to become one, you’ve most certainly heard about Fiverr. It is one of the biggest marketplaces for freelance gigs.

Fiverr is so massive that you can find almost any type of gig imaginable and unimaginable. For example, look at this guy‘s profile. This mystic_zoe is offering psychic spells as Fiverr gigs. And he has a 5-star rating and more than 1,000 reviews. The spells have quite hefty prices too. How about that?

Do you want another dose of weird Fiverr gigs? Allanterart here can draw you as a mermaid. Would you like that?

Yeah, so Fiverr can be weird. Nevertheless, it can also be a good starting point for your freelancing career. 

As with anything, Fiverr packs a lot of positive and negative reviews.  It can be tough on freelancers. It can also be difficult for buyers at times.

Connecting customers with talented freelancers is complicated, and Fiverr support is not always very supportive. But we’ll get to that later.


Source file
These are essential data that show how a system is working.


Fiverr source files and services

As a seasoned freelancer on Fiverr, you are probably already accustomed to the term “source file”. However, if you’re a beginner, you’re probably asking: “What is a source file?”.

Well, a source file contains a program’s instructions. These are essential data that show how a system is working. The term is mainly used in programming and computing. A source file is basically a source code document.

This is the source file definition as a general concept.  Now, what is the source file in Fiverr?

On Fiverr, you can offer the source file as an extra. The source file in Fiverr can be a .ai file or a .psd if you’re an illustrator.

Or, for example, if you’re a lawyer drafting legal documents, the source file would be a .docx document. You would deliver the legal document in a PDF, uneditable file format. However, if the client is willing to pay more, you can also give him the editable .docx document. So, this is another source file example.

Basically, a source file is the editable version of your product.


Source file and vector: are they the same?

So, what is the difference between the source file and the vector? Not much. In fact, they mean the same thing if you’re a freelance designer working on Fiverr.

So, let’s assume you’re working on a logo for a client. You work with layered design files that allow you to make all the edits necessary. This is the source file. It can take various forms, depending on the software you use.

  • .ai files – this is a vector file only editable in Adobe Illustrator
  • .eps – ok, so this one is another vector file; it is ideal for printing formats
  • .psd – a layered image file accessible in Adobe Photoshop

So, basically, when you deliver your logo, you can also provide the vector-based image (.ai, .eps. or .psd). From this, the client can export the design in different other sizes without losing the quality. Moreover, he can later edit, change colors, etc.

So,  yes, a source file illustrator is a great asset to have as a Fiverr client. It gives you more control over the final product.

Nevertheless, as a freelancer, we advise you to offer this source file as an extra. Why? Because it is your work. You’ve spent time compiling that file, and it does provide an extra benefit to the client.

For example, the client can use that source file to create some extra designs. So, yes, a source file is an additional service.

Where is the source file in Fiverr?

Oh, yeah, so, where is the source file that we’ve been going on about for some time now?

As a freelancer creating your gig on Fiverr, you can add them as extra. When delivering the order, you will have the option of attaching them to the order.

The buyers need to mention that they also want to purchase the source file as an extra. If you’re going to enable this function, here are the steps that you need to take:

  • When defining your gig, mark the checkbox next to the Source file extra. When your buyer purchases the source file illustrator, it will appear on your order page.
  • On the order page, you will see the option to deliver your order.
  • Click upload work, and then upload source files (the limit per file is 1GB).
  • Write a brief description of your work in what you’ve done
  • Click deliver your work, and your work will be delivered to the buyer

This is pretty much what the Fiverr source file is all about. It is pretty simple. You won’t get any errors or have to ask why the source file is not compiled. It’s not programming. It’s simply a way of delivering extra work for your buyers.

Source file vs bytecode

As you have seen, source files typically contain the raw format of data. Depending on your work, a source file can be an XML, TXT, JSON, .psd, etc. In Fiverr, the source file is usually used for design projects, and it represents the layered file.

For the design of logos, a simple .png is not enough. You need the entire raw format file. It is the only way you can edit and use your logo on all marketing materials.

Even in Canva, you have a source file. If you expect a design project for print, you need the source file. You can’t scale a design without it.

But what about source file vs Bytecode? In programming, source files are vital. Human programmers usually write source files, and they are in a readable format. Programmers might even leave comments for a better understanding of the program.

The machine would then convert the source code into object code. Why? Because this is how computers can understand and execute the code.

So, in short, we can say that the source code file is written by a programmer in C+++, Python, Java, etc. The byte code is the translated version that the machine can understand and run. Byte code is also known as portable code.

Source file vs compiled

The compiler translates the source code. So, it isn’t really a 1 vs 1 type of situation here. A compiled source code is actually a byte code.

Byte code is usually in the form of numeric codes and constants, and that’s what makes it difficult to read humans.


So, what about Fiverr?

Yes, let’s get back to Fiverr now and discuss services, reviews, and other tips and tricks.

Fiverr is so popular because it is relatively cheap to use. As a buyer, you could also buy services from freelancers from developing countries. They usually have fees that start from $4/hour, and that’s a bargain.

However, from a freelancer’s perspective, it is pretty challenging to compete with these fees. If you’re a freelance writer living in the UK and want to make money on Fiverr, $4/hour is a joke.


why source file not compiled
There are millions of opportunities on Fiverr.


So, yes, this is why Fiverr is not so great for freelancers from countries with high incomes. Nevertheless, it can be helpful for buyers.

Nevertheless, as a freelancer, if you manage to market your services right, you can find the right job for you. The good news is – there are millions of opportunities on Fiverr.


Fiverr for buyers

As a buyer, you can go on Fiverr and search for the services you need. The most common services sold on Fiverr include copywriting, translations, digital marketing, website design, or graphic design. Nevertheless, as you have seen, there are also hundreds of weird gigs that you can buy.

Chances are you will find a wide range of sellers who offer these services. You choose the gig that you think is best. You will see that the price range for the same service can vary immensely.

This is mostly because Fiverr is “home” to thousands from all over the world, from India to Europe. One freelancer could offer a 2,000-word article for $5. Another could ask $50 for the same type of article. So, it depends on the country the freelancer lives in, his/her skills, and quality. If you need an article with flawless English, it might be a good idea to take the $50 service.

Anyways, these are things that you, as a buyer, should decide upon. Fiverr is known for these types of gigs. These are short-term, one-time services. However, if you want, you could strike up a long-term relationship with the freelancer.

Moreover, Fiverr offers a considerable amount of filters for your search. You can filter the gigs based on price, deadlines, and reviews from other buyers.

You can read through the seller’s description and their reviews. Then you can decide on the best service for you.

How much does Fiverr cost?

Well, it depends on the service you’re looking for. The price range is immense. The starting price is usually $5. Nevertheless, it can go well above that, depending on the service.

On top of this price, Fiverr charges some fees of its own.

  • $1 for purchases up to $20.
  • 5% of the total price for orders above $20.

Fiverr also provides a money-back guarantee. According to their website, you can receive a total refund in Fiverr credit. You can use these credits to hire a different freelancer. Nevertheless, if you do not want to do that, you can request the money. Money will be returned to your Credit card or PayPal account.

Are the Fiverr reviews legit?

Now, if you’ve already browsed through Fiverr’s many gigs, you’ve probably seen a plethora of 5-star accounts. So, you can’t help but wonder – are these reviews legitimate?

Unfortunately, some online platforms sell Fiverr positive reviews. So, be wary of any fake reviews.

The most important thing to do is read through the freelancer’s bio. See the skills they have and previous experience. Look at the educational background as well.

Moreover, you should check to see if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes in their bio. This is the best test if you’re looking for a copywriter.

Furthermore, as a matter of precaution, try to collaborate with experienced Fiverr freelancers. Make sure they’ve been on Fiverr for at least a few months. This way, you’ll be sure they’re already used to how Fiverr works.

Look at their previous Fiverr gigs. See how many gigs they’ve completed in a specific time. A hundred gigs in the first two weeks is a red flag.

If you’re a buyer and new to Fiverr, try to adhere to the Fiverr rules as much as possible. So, do not send money outside of Fiverr. Do not collaborate with Fiverr sellers outside of the platform. You could be the subject of fraud as a result.


Fiverr for sellers

If you’re a freelancer or looking to make some extra money from freelancing, then Fiverr is an option. However, it is not the only option for making money online. So, do not place all your eggs in the Fiverr basket.

Fiverr sellers keep 80% of each transaction. Fiverr would charge 20% of your income and your tip as well. 20% of the tip is a bit nasty. Nevertheless, we get their point. You could have an agreement with the seller so that they pay you more through tips. This way, Fiverr would lose a lot.

As a freelancer, you should start by showcasing your skills on a Fiverr profile. There are more than 100 categories to choose from. Moreover, you should also highlight your education and professional experience. This info is necessary as it adds to your credibility with buyers.


what does source file mean
You should start by showcasing your skills on a Fiverr profile.


After you’ve completed your profile, you can start creating your first gigs. These gigs are the specific services you offer. It could be a 1,000-word article, a logo, a soundtrack, you know.

Creating your gigs on Fiverr

You have to be very descriptive and give details about your service. Be salesy, but not too pushy. Tell buyers why your service is the best on the market. Moreover, if you want, you can also include the source file as an extra.

If you’re at the beginning and want to stand out, you could offer the source files for free. This could help boost some orders at the start of your Fiverr freelance experience. Nevertheless, this is only up to you. You choose.

Each gig is a separate entity in itself. So, if you’re a copywriter, you could create multiple gigs. For example, you could create a gig for Social Media posts. Moreover, you could create other gigs for specific articles. If you’re specialized in business writing, that’s one gig. You could also create a gig for entertainment articles and other such types.

You could start by creating a list of the products and services you offer. Filter them and make a few solid and potent products.

Pricing is always challenging. Your first impulse starting out might be to set a small fee. You want those jobs so severely that you’d be willing to ask for less than the competition. Nevertheless, if you select a low price, you might find yourself unmotivated.

So, you need to find the perfect balance between what motivates you and the market price. Take some time to think about it. Pricing needs fine-tuning.

Alas, in the end, you also have to consider the source files. How much would you charge for them? What is the real benefit they bring to the client?



In conclusion, Fiverr is quite an essential part of the global freelance market. It’s not the perfect platform. If you want to be a freelancer full-time, you can’t really do it just on Fiverr. However, if you’re going to make an extra income, then it’s good for you.

As for buyers, small businesses, or professionals, Fiverr can be the start of a beautiful collaboration. It’s true, it’s massive, and it requires a great deal of filtering the spam and trash.

All in all, the source file in Fiverr is just another service that Fiverr offers. Use it wisely.

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