Millionaire circle: 7-day manifestation techniques

“Millionaire” is a strong word. It’s highly coveted by many. Who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire, right? Or at least walk in a millionaire’s circle? The first step to achieving financial success is probably surrounding yourself with the people who have done it. It’s the people who have the same dreams as you, the same desire and ambitions. They will help you push forward and realize your own goals. So, surround yourself with people that motivate and inspire you. Read their books, and their programs. Learn about their habits and routines. You can start with this article.

In this blog, we will talk about how to attract money and manifest your dreams. Manifestation is a powerful technique based on the law of attraction principles.


Millionaire circle
Achieve financial success by surrounding yourself with the people who have done it.


So, fundamentally, the law of attraction states that we attract events and occurrences that are on the same frequency as our convictions and thoughts. Therefore, if we think positively, then we might attract favorable circumstances.

Essentially, manifestation is our mind’s way of trying to control what happens around us. If we only let positive thoughts in our minds, then we will reap the benefits of that.

We can manifest affection, or we can manifest money and wealth. Either way, the law of attraction techniques is the same.

At this point, it is only natural to wonder – “Should I believe all of these?”. First, read them, pass them through your filter and see what you can make of them.

What is the millionaire circle and how do you get in?

A lot of people strive to manifest money and enter the millionaire circle. But to do that, you have to surround yourself with people who have the same goal as you. Preferably, these people should be a few steps ahead of you so you can learn from them.

One such person is the Go-Big coach, Kristen Howe. She is a self-help expert who has been down there and understands your struggles perfectly.

She has helped many individuals and companies to focus on results and achieve them.

Kristen is not an advocate for perfection and continuous hustle. She believes in the humanness in all of us. Moreover, she considers perfection to be a myth. Instead, she helps you focus on yourself and on how to open your mind to the pool of limitless possibilities in front of you.

Kristen Howe is the creator of the F.A.S.T. Method for BIG Results. She has worked with several companies and individuals, helping them focus and achieve the right mindset for success.

What is more, Kristen is well-known in the millionaire circle global network. So, once you get to work with her, you will also touch into a millionaire circle. Thousands of people worldwide use her mindset programs. However, Kristen Howe is constantly perfecting her craft.

She interviewed over 150 manifestation professionals. Her videos on happiness, success and the law of attraction have reached over 100,000 people worldwide. She is constantly improving and dedicating her time to the art of FOCUS and manifestation.

How to attract money fast – 7 days to daily manifesting

This is one of Karen Howe’s FOCUS programs. How to attract money fast with a 7-day manifesting agenda?

It might sound like a fantasy for you, especially if you are a very cerebral person. But look, your millionaire circle dreams might remain just fantasy if you don’t take the time to read and research this.

So, are you one of these three types of people?

1. You are trapped in scarcity

You want more but do not dare dream about it. Moreover, you complain about your life circumstances and everything that is happening to you. To make things worse, you have a lot of obligations that constrict you. More than that, you feel you have tons of baggage that you need to cut off your back but don’t know how to do that.

2. You only let your old beliefs govern you

You try to employ your old beliefs and ways of doing things to create a new reality for you. That’s natural. We all tend to do only what we know how to do. But if you knew all the millionaire circle information, you wouldn’t be here anymore, would you?

However, we can’t keep doing the same thing expecting different results. So, if you want a new reality for your life, you need a whole new set of beliefs. This is the first step where people fail. It is hard to challenge your old beliefs and let in new thoughts. It hurts, but it is the only way to grow.

If you want to join the millionaire circle, you need a new set of beliefs. You don’t need a new set of answers to the same old questions. No. You also need a new set of questions to answer.

3. You are considering chance and not a choice when it comes to money

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that money is chance. Yet, you don’t join the millionaire circle with that attitude and mindset. Moreover, winning the lottery does not guarantee success or wealth. Many people who have won the lottery and didn’t know what to do with the money wasted it all.

So, even if the chance is on your team, it’s still up to you. What do you do with that significant amount of luck? Therefore, there is a lot of truth in the famous adage – fortune favors the brave.

In fact, this very motto speaks about the art of manifestation. If you’re brave enough to believe and manifest it, then fortune will be on your side.

So, Kristen Howe’s Program to Manifesting Wealth addresses all these issues encouraging you to enter that millionaire circle. However, is millionaire circle legit?

How to attract money fast and join the millionaire circle, by Kristen Howe

So, how does Kristen Howe’s program make you a millionaire circle member?

The program consists of a series of videos that walk you through different steps and manifestation techniques. Each day, for 7 days, you will receive these bundles of information, exercises, and instructions on attracting more abundance in your life.

millionaire cirlce scam
Exercises and instructions on how to attract more abundance in your life.

You need to take it one day at a time and let the information sink in. Every portion of the course guides you toward setting small goals for yourself. These small goals will make all the difference.

This is how it works

The first part of the course is focused on:

  1. the three C’s of scarcity (constrict, complain, cut off)
  2. the three G’s of abundance
  3. the secret key

Yes, at this point you might be thinking about a possible millionaire circle scam. The “secret key” to money sounds too much like fantasy. However, that’s just naming. It’s not a perfect designation; I’ll give you that. Kristen Howe was a bit uninspired when she dramatically called one part of her program “the secret key”. However, have you watched the movie “The Secret”? Do watch it after you finish this article and you might see why Kristen named this “the secret key”.

The second part of the course consists of 5 daily manifesting rituals or habits that you need to perform. Now, do not think about voodoo or anything crazy. This is more about meditation and visualizing yourself as a successful person.

Katherine will guide you through these rituals. They won’t take too much of your day, and you can easily do them at home. Katherin will send you a reminder every day to motivate you on your path.

How to attract money fast – 2 bonuses

Together with the program, you will also receive two bonuses from the author.

The first bonus is transformational audio which will help you concentrate better while doing the manifesting rituals. You can simply play it in the background while doing your thing.

The second bonus is a surprise. Who doesn’t love a good surprise, right? It might be a special millionaire circle pdf or a few more manifesting techniques. You’ll have to find out for yourself. The sense of wonder, excitement, and curiosity are also part of a millionaire’s mindset.

The science behind manifestation

A lot of people mock the concept of manifestation. In truth, they don’t even understand it.

Yes, stripped down to its most simplistic definition, manifestation is the belief that you will attract those positive vibes in your life by visualizing yourself in a favorable circumstance. So, people believe that manifestation is some sort of Jedi thing where you use your mind to influence what happens next. Therefore, if you just think you’ll have a lot of money, then you’ll have a lot of money.

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Manifestation is a much more complex topic, and I wish people would stop mocking it and start listening.

In fact, there is even a science behind manifestation. Studies have shown the positive impact of positive thinking on positive action. If you write down your goals in your notebook every single day, you will eventually achieve them. How so?

The negatives and positives

First of all, because you have them right there, in front of your eyes. Every morning you write them down again and again. And while you’re at it, you begin to develop ways of achieving these goals. You make a plan, and you start acting on it. By writing down your goals every morning, you won’t lose sight of what is really important for you in this life.

Secondly, if we think of something, we already construct that version of reality in our own minds. If it’s a positive reality, we will feel good, relaxed, and overall in a better mood to face the challenges of the day. If it’s a negative reality, we will be afraid, hurt, suspicious, and unable to really face what’s coming at us.

We can compare this to the placebo effect. It has been proven that patients can report an improvement in symptoms if they are led to believe they have received medication.


what is millionaire circle
Believe that you are doing something worthwhile your body will feel good, and it will release endorphins.


So, when you believe that you are doing something worthwhile and pursuing your dreams, your body will feel good, and it will release endorphins.

On the other hand, if you tell yourself that you can’t do something, you will end up in a vicious circle of negatives and won’t be able to do it. So, for example, if you want to write a novel or a millionaire circle home and think “it’s impossible”, or “I can’t do it”, you won’t do it. Why? Because you won’t be motivated, or inspired to at least try.

Conclusion on millionaire circle

In conclusion, manifestation is not magic or fantasy. You can think about making money, manifest it, and you can achieve it. It’s a fact.

Programs like Kristen Howe’s How To Attract Money Fast are just one stepping stone toward success. They teach you how to train your mind to believe it is possible. However, they do not promise that money will fall into your lap. No, manifestation is not about just sitting around and reading millionaire circle reviews. Your goals will not be accomplished if you just sit and manifest them.

Manifestation is your brain’s way of encouraging itself to think of solutions and achieve your dreams.

Are you up for it?

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