What is paid social media jobs and how do I get in?

Paid Social Media Jobs is essentially a platform where you can register for a small fee and find stay-at-home social media jobs quite easily. At a first glance, it is ideal. The pandemic has kept us in our homes for the most part, and work-from-home has become the norm. It is also a good idea to make an extra income on the side.

Social Media is quite a hot topic. Everybody knows what it is and uses it for personal purposes. So, it is only natural to think you can also turn it into a source of income. What is more, you can earn money from what is, essentially, an Internet pastime. Thereby making money from something you have fun doing is the dream.

The only question here is – can you really do it? Is Paid Social Media Jobs real? So, let’s take a look at the platform, analyze if it’s legit, and what you need to do to hop on board.


Paid social media jobs
Register for a small fee and find stay-at-home social media jobs.

Paid Social Media Jobs review

As you first set foot on their platform, the first thing you get is the claim “$175 a day for liking Facebook posts“. Sure, it sounds awesome. All you need to know is how to post on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, and you can make good money on that.

So, basically, you get paid for helping businesses post content on their social media accounts. You don’t need to know much about advertising, as full training is provided. The fee is $35/hour. So, for 5 hours a day, you can make $175 every day of the week. That sounds very good.

All you need is an internet connection, an Internet-connected device like a laptop, tablet, or phone, and about 5 hours of availability per day. After you click apply now, you will be guided to a short questionnaire. There you have to fill in your estimated monthly availability, the social media channels you’re most familiar with, and the country you live in.

Next, you are directed to a page where you have about 32 minutes to read all the terms and conditions until you press the “Get Certified Now” button. For about $27, you will get a 24-hour training and certification process. You can do it at your own pace.

So, you will get access to the members’ area where you can follow along with the courses. You won’t have to pass any tests or exams. You simply need to complete the simple online guide.

Hence, you need to pay for this training and certification. From there on, you will be paid directly by the platform’s clients. So, yes, you get to keep 100% of the earnings.

So, are paid Social Media Jobs legit?

Well, for a start, the platform promises some quite fantastic paid social media jobs from home. With some simple calculations, you can make up to $3,500 per month just by working 5 hours/day, Monday to Friday. That’s a lot of money. I mean, can you imagine yourself earning that sum just by doing the same thing you do every day on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

Social media jobs without degree
Companies do pay Social Media Managers quite a large sum of money to manage their accounts.

Well, companies do pay Social Media Managers quite a large sum of money to manage their accounts. So, it is possible, yes, as it is also very likely to earn good money by recommending various products to your audience.

However, that takes some work to achieve. Landing a Social Media gig in a day is quite improbable. The competition is harsh. So, can the Paid Social Media Jobs platform solve this problem for you?

What do you actually get for signing up?

For that minimum entry fee, you will get to sample their training and info. The one downside here – you don’t know what kind of training you’re going to get until you put your money into it. In the same way, you don’t get much information about the company behind the platform. So, that might be a little weird.

You also won’t find many details about who their clients are. You only get the promise that they will put you in contact with a large pool of clients who need social media services daily. So, that could be a bit of a put-off.

Nevertheless, if anywhere along the way you feel unsatisfied with their services, you can request a refund. They have a money-back guarantee advertised on their platform. It’s out there to see it. Unfortunately, from other clients’ reviews, it isn’t easy to activate it. It involves quite a lot of e-mails to have your refund, and that takes time.

So, what exactly is the service?

Briefly, you will get information. They have a database of available jobs out there in the market. You might not land your first job in the first three days as advertised, though. It will take you some time to finish the training and explore the opportunities out there.

Nevertheless, after you finish the training, you will need to pay extra to access their database of jobs and customers. You can do that or choose to walk away and use the social media training you have received to land your first job outside the platform. If you decide to pay, the platform will then point you to companies actively looking for social media services. So, in the end, it’s up to you how you use the paid social media job platform services.

Is paid social media jobs real
The platform will then point you to companies actively looking for social media services.

How difficult is it to get online social media jobs with no experience

Well, you might have had no experience when you first sign up on the platform. However, you will go through their training courses and get a little certification at the end. It won’t be much, but you will have something to show.

Ok, so, what jobs are there? Are they paying rates as attractive as advertised? Well, if you have minimal previous experience, no, they’re not. The rough estimates made by the platform when you first sign up are quite far-fetched. According to the platform estimates, you can get paid up to $25/hour to post Facebook comments or up to $20/hour to upload certain Youtube videos. That’s not too real, though.

No company will pay you $20/hour to comment on posts or upload Youtube videos. For that fee, you need to do more than that; you need to be creative and write engaging posts and comments yourself. However, that requires a lot of practice. Writing content that sells is not an easy feat.

So, companies that pay up to $25-$30/hour will look for well-versed people in the social media business. They look for copywriting skills, paid media skills, overall digital marketing experience, or reporting expertise. These are competencies you don’t really get overnight, from a 24-hour training course.

Therefore, with very little experience, just signing up on the platform, you won’t make $175/ day, as they claim.

Is it worth it?

This is the final question you should come to. Is Paid Social Media Jobs platform worth your time and money? More than that, should you hope for social media jobs without a degree?

Well, there are not many such degrees out there. Most Social Media workers do not have one. They might have started in the business, and as they progressed, they also progressed with the training. So, you can do that as well. However, it won’t happen overnight, as the platform claims, and 24-hour training won’t help you either.

As with anything, skills and previous knowledge are required. You can start without, but you’ll start small. So, don’t set your hopes too high here.

Once you pay all the fees and go through the training, the platform does give you access to a database of jobs and clients. Here, you can apply for the desired job. However, some of these jobs might be old, and there is no tracker to tell you if your application has been seen. So, you might get to wait for days until you land a job.

So, the real value the platform offers is in training, which could be useful for a start. It is not very thorough, but it will serve its declared purpose. However, the promised jobs are not there. Unfortunately, most of the advertising on their website is too “in your face” to be trustworthy. It’s that proverbial “get rich fast” promise that might put you off, and for good reasons. Usually, these types of programs are scams.

So, is it a scam?

Technically, it is not. It does not do everything they promise. They do not offer you sure-fire, well-paid social media jobs. They definitely do not make you a specialist in the field. However, you get something real for your cash, and that’s training. So, from that standpoint, no, it is not a scam.

It is just a platform that promises a bit too much then it can do. Nevertheless, you can get your money back if you’re not happy, and that’s good.

The info-product you get for that $27 is legit; it is good. However, with a little bit of effort on your part, you could get that information for free, from the Internet. So, it all comes down to your choice.

So, can you get paid Social Media Jobs for free?

Yes, you can, and not only on this platform. You can get a platform to do it for you or get out there and search for those stay-at-home social media jobs yourself. I’m not saying, “quit your job, and start doing it now.”

No, you can experience freelancingwhich, according to Wikipedia, is a form of self-employment not committed to a particular long-term employer. You can do it on your own terms while also maintaining your day-to-day job. When things start to come together with your Social Media gigs, then you can make it a full-time occupation.

So, where else can you find social media jobs? There are a couple of freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork where you can register. There are also: Indeed, Glassdoor, and even Linkedin. So, start small, and build on that.

You could also consider affiliate marketing. Begin with a blog, or Youtube channel where you talk about what you’re passionate about, build an audience and then join affiliate programs. You can earn a good living by recommending products to people. The truth is, in this day and era of the Internet, you can do almost anything you set your mind to.

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