Inc Authority reviews are all positive? Features and costs

Inc Authority is a service authorized to set up limited liability companies (LLCs) for brand-new companies in the US. They make sure your desired business name is available and take care of all the paperwork. Read our Inc Authority reviews to find out more about how the service works, how much it costs, as well as what you can do with it.

inc authority reviews
Inc Authority has been in business for more than thirty years.

Inc Authority reviews are mostly positive

The first thing you should know is that Inc Authority provides free LLC filing. Yep, that’s right! Their basic package is 100% free. They look after every little thing.

They also have pretty good customer support that can guide you and answer all your questions. However, they do have lots of upsells. So, you’ll have to be on your toes for that. Read these Inc Authority Reviews to see how that goes.

But first, let’s meet the company!

What is Inc Authority?

Inc Authority has been in business for more than thirty years. During this time, they have formed more than 250K entities and pride themselves on 100% satisfied customers.

Their basic service of entity setup is totally free. All you have to pay is state fees and postage. So, they will:

  • check your desired business name within the state for availability
  • prepare your entity formation documents and send them to the legal authorities
  • deliver your start-up papers and also save a digital copy for you, so you can access them from an online portal whenever you need
  • act as your registered agent for a year, making sure you don’t miss any of your legal notices (actually, this service is provided through a third company)
  • consult you on tax planning to help you manage your business income
  • if you want to register as an S company rather than a C, they will file the IRS Form 2553 with the IRS for you
  • you will have an expert at the end of the line, ready to answer your questions via phone or email
  • you will receive business credit and financing solutions for your needs

So, all these are free of charge? Yes, but they bombard you with lots of other products and packages that are appealing at first glance, no doubt about it.

So, who is inc authority? Now you know. Let’s move on and discuss how much its extra packages cost. You might be wondering how they survive as a business if their basic services are free. Well, here’s how!

How much does Inc Authority cost?

As mentioned before, the Inc Authority cost is zero for their Entry Package. They take care of all the paperwork for setting up your business. All you pay are the state fees. More than that, in some states, these fees are tax-deductible.

But there are three more Inc Authority packages that are quite pricey. We know that these won’t be proper Inc Authority reviews without looking at paid packages. So,  let’s take a look!

Starter business bundle

This is the first premium package that Inc Authority offers. It is meant for mid-sized businesses with fewer employees.

So, in addition to the basic Inc Authority formation services, you additionally get:

1. Operating agreement drafting

Every LLC needs one. An operating agreement is a document that outlines several terms and aspects regarding your business operations, including ownership contributions and share of profits, and the responsibilities of the other company members.

2. Record book and company seal

This is a personalized record book to keep all your business documents together. Additionally, you get a custom-made seal for your correspondence that replicates how documents used to be authenticated in the old days. However, it’s just for looks; there are no legal requirements for it.

3. Ownership certificates

You receive personalized certificates that indicate your ownership of shares. However, this again is not a legal requirement, just a nice thing to have.

4. Customized templates for minutes and also resolutions

If you have a business with multiple stakeholders or expect to have more members in the future, this one can come in handy. Otherwise, it’s just a nice touch.

5. IRS tax ID number (EIN)

This document is like the social security number for your business. You need it when you open a business bank account or hire employees. You can file an EIN yourself on the IRS website. However, if you do not want to trouble yourself with that, Inc Authority can do it for you.

6. Business tax consultation with an advisor

This is a one-hour consultation with a specialist who will help clarify tax deadlines, deductions, inventory, and other tax-related aspects.

7. Website domain with 5 email addresses

This is a nice touch. You don’t need to think about setting up business email addresses, domains, etc. You just receive them, and in the beginning, it’s ok.

8. Inc success consultant

This means you get phone and online support for any IRS notifications and audits, tax and accounting info, or state business licenses. You can also request information about payroll and business funding or ask for help with business banking and credit cards.

The Inc Authority customer service is pretty spot-on. So, it will really help you if you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurial path.


who is inc authority
Quickly find all the permits and licenses relevant to your business.

Executive bundle

The executive bundle is the next step up on the Inc Authority package list. Priced at $499, this package provides you with everything we’ve mentioned above and a few other additional services.

So, if you decide to pay the $100 extra, you will receive a business license report. This grants you access to software that will enable you to quickly find all the permits and licenses relevant to your business.

Tycoon bundle

The last on our Inc Authority reviews list is this $799 package that brings you a couple of additional services.

First of all, you get express processing. This means that all your documents will be sent to the authorities on the next business day. So, your business has priority in the Inc Authority’s system. It’s like you pay a VIP ticket to be on the first row for the NBA Play-Offs.

Secondly, you get your personal credit “coach”. Well, it’s more of a framework that offers you useful information on how to establish sound company creditworthiness. It promises a smart use of software to help you build credit.

Thirdly, you get registered with a decent D&B business credit rating agency (Dun& Bradstreet). They will provide you with a business credit score.

Inc Authority LLC additional services

Apart from the three premium packages, Inc Authority offers some more a-la-carte features. However, they are not very transparent about their pricing. So, you’ll have to contact them for more details. That’s a big No-No against this otherwise impressive company.

Nevertheless, we’ve perused the internet and read a lot of Inc Authority reviews. So we can provide you with more information than you’ll find on the Inc Authority website.

First of all, we found that Inc Authority also offers trademark services. In short, they’ll search the federal database and file all the required documentation to register your trademark. We’re not sure how much they charge for this service, though. That’s a pity. Why wouldn’t you publish the pricing?

Secondly, we also found that they offer a website and marketing package. Yet again, the pricing is not disclosed. However, this package should feature a business website together with SEO-optimised content, a company logo, business cards, and Social Media accounts. Apparently, you get a private consultation with a web designer and marketing professionals. We’re not sure if this is a one-off or if it’s a monthly service and you get like your own Social Media and Marketing specialists. Pity they don’t reveal more on their website.

Thirdly, Inc Authority can also help you get pre-approved financing for your business. However, the lending options are not very clear, and neither is the pricing.

Furthermore, Inc Authority seems to also offer business planning services. So, they can help you research all the best opportunities for your business and come up with a plan. However, they don’t give too much information on that either. And the pricing is still not disclosed.

what is inc authority
Inc Authority offers some more a-la-carte features.

Are they legit?

With all these transparency issues you might be wondering – Is Inc Authority legit? The simple answer is Yes! They are a legit business offering very good services for businesses at the beginning.

Probably the best bundle you could purchase is the Starter Business Bundle. It offers a good combination of services and features. The other, more expensive packages lack a little bit of transparency. They don’t give you enough information on what those services really mean.

As for the Inc Authority fees, some of them are quite big.

Is it worth it?

Well, is Inc Authority free? The simple answer is Yes. They also provide an intuitive and easy-to-use platform where you can sign up in minutes.

In fact, it is probably the fastest method of filing for an LLC. When you sign up, they will try to sell you a lot of add-ons and extra features. So, maybe you’d want to skip all of those and set up your business first.

Then, if you’re happy, you can go for the Starter Business premium package. It’s the best value-for-money approach. A small caveat here, though. Some of the services in the Starter business pack are only available for a year. After a year they’ll start charging you without asking. So, you might want to keep an eye on that.

Overall, it is a safe and legit company. Most of the Inc Authority reviews are positive. You will find them on major trustworthy review platforms.

If you are just beginning your entrepreneurial business and don’t want to mess around with the legal documents and authorities, then just Inc Authority.

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