The motive book inspiration: From failure to leadership

A wise man once said that when it comes to success, there are no shortcuts. You’ve got to like yourself, what you do and how you do it. So, if you’re striving for success in your business and need a little inspiration, you’ve arrived in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the motive book and the 6 essential habits for success

In fact, the difference between a successful and unsuccessful person lies in their daily habits. Good habits lead to success. Terrible and vicious habits can bring you to the slippery slope of failure.

As a matter of fact, our daily, seemingly harmless little habits can make or break us. Consequently, we become what we frequently do. A change in bad habits can lead to a change for the better in life.


motive book
Let’s check out this strategy of success: Core Habits Transformation System


The foundation of a good achievement motive book is built on healthy habits. You need motivation and inspiration to kickstart yourself on the path to success. However, the fuel that can keep you going is a habit.

Moreover, the sad thing is that, more often than not, we know when we lead self-defeating habits. We know that smoking is wrong. We know that sitting on the sofa all day is not right. However, we still do it because it’s comfortable and feels good at the moment. We let ourselves be slaves to the instant gratification monkey. That’s like setting your house of success on fire.

The thing is, we all inherit such a “success house”. Nevertheless, most of us choose to sell it, sell ourselves short. That is very sad.

So, how do you get rid of bad habits and create a brilliant motivational book of your own?

Let’s check out this strategy of success: Core Habits Transformation System by Kristen Howe.

Fill your motive book with good habits

If you have felt failure already and want to rewrite your own motive book, start with your habits. However, you cannot erase bad habits like they were never there. In fact, you shouldn’t even try to do that.

Stop trying to get rid of your bad habits, and start transforming them into good habits.

For example, is procrastination your deadliest sin? Turn it into action. You can’t just stop procrastinating. You need to replace it with an action. Instead of loafing around, just do it. Keep doing your job, and procrastination will go away.

Turn time bankruptcy into time freedom. Stop saying, “I don’t have time”. Start saying, “I’ll make time”. We make our own time. Keep that in mind.

Moreover, you should resolve your negativity. A lot of failures come from the fear of failure itself. Remember one of the main rules in the motive book. Whether you think you can or not, you are right. Believe you will fail, and you’ve already failed.

In addition to these, you should also turn your resistance habit into willingness. You see, resistance and negativity go hand in hand. They stem from the same idea that you can’t do it, and why try?

Have you ever had so many things to do in a day that you just gave up and did nothing in the end? Yes? Why do you think you gave up? Let us tell you. Because you resisted the idea that you could do it. Resistance combined with negativity can have a really catastrophic impact on your life and success.

The last two bad habits you should transform are chaos and isolation. You need to turn the chaos in your life into a well-rounded, flexible system. Moreover, you should convert isolation into communication.

The 6 core strategies for success

Self-help author and strategist Kristen Howe have identified these 6 core strategies for success:

  1.  Action
  2.  Time freedom
  3.  Positive focus
  4.  Willingness
  5.  Flexible systems
  6.  Communication

Now, using these 6 strategies can be challenging. So, you need to take it one step at a time. According to Howe, you need to follow a well-established system. Resisting change is the normal thing we are wired to do. However, with the proper techniques, you can change your life starting from these 6 strategies for success.

Start with your subconscious mind

So, how do you rewrite your motive book and convince your mind to change when it’s been dwelling in the same bad habits for so long?

You start asking yourself questions. By asking questions, you force your mind to exit its cage and think anew. Francis Kingdon Ward used to say that “questions are the creative acts of intelligence”. Truly great questions have the power to transform our minds and open new doors to new possibilities. Asking the right questions is actually more important than answering them because the answers reside only in these questions.

So, how do you start asking yourself only the motive book discussion questions?

First, you need to stop dwelling on the past. Think about your present and future possibilities. If you can rewrite your present, then you can change your future.

Secondly, ask yourself what you would like to see in the mirror each day. Construct upon that image of yourself without guilt, doubt, or remorse. Do not think of what could have been. Think only of what will be.

Thirdly, you really need to get rid of your blame. Do you criticize yourself incessantly? That must change. Otherwise, you won’t be able to ask the right questions and rewrite your future. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different result. So, throw all your blame and remorse away. Accept your past. Make peace with it. You can’t fly if you’re past is weighing you down.


achievement motive book
Asking the right questions is actually more important than answering them


So, follow these 6 strategies for success by Kristen Howe and start changing your life.

What will you receive as part of the package?

This Core Habits Transformation System will provide you with the exact questions you need to start asking yourself today.

You will learn how to free yourself from time bankruptcy and negativity. You will be able to stop procrastination. More important than everything, you will be able to leave your guilt and regrets behind.

So, start your journey today!

Today you begin a new life

Know that going through failure is good. No, we’re not saying this just to make you feel good. Remember what Winston Churchill used to say during the worst days of World Warr II – “When going through hell, keep going.”

Failure is not permanent. Sometimes, the best way to get rid of the pain of loss is to go right through it.

Think of failure as the seed to success, and start planting your garden today. Work, learn, fall, get back up, and grow. The fruits of success will show themselves. Have a little faith.

Remember, you need to quit these 7 Bad Habits today!

1. Stop being afraid of change

So, change is necessary. Moreover, change is how we grow. If you’re afraid of change, you’re afraid of growth. Don’t do that!

Therefore, take that leap today. Buy Kristen Howe’s essential strategies for success or read the motive book definition. Think outside the box and take daily steps of faith.

2. Quit playing the blame game

Do not waste your time placing blame on someone else for your failures. Nevertheless, do not blame yourself either. You will not accomplish anything in this way.

Therefore, most successful people know how to let go of regrets and take responsibility for their actions.

3. Stop doubting yourself

So, the best way to follow your dreams is to believe in yourself. Leave the negative thoughts at the door of possibility, and enter with a clear mind.

4. Don’t wait until “the right moment comes”

So, one major flaw we all have is waiting for things to come. We wait for Christmas, for the holidays, for the first million dollars. See, that’s not how you do it.

You can’t wait for your life away. Moreover, you can’t give yourself the same old excuse – “I don’t have time”. You have to find the time to succeed in life.

Therefore, time can be your biggest ally or your worst enemy. It’s your choice. If you make it your ally, you’ll be able to get things done. And do you know what successful people do? They get things done. Exactly!

5. Stop questioning your decisions

So, do you remember that time when you were little, and you decided you wanted to be an astronaut? Yeah, just like that, you told everyone you’d fly into space.

So, you’ve got to be that child again and make decisions for yourself. Do not be afraid of making decisions! No one is coming to make them for you. Thus, no one is coming to push you or check if you’ve done your homework. It’s just you. So, make your decisions and stop wasting your time.

6. No plan is a bad plan

You see, there are plenty more people out there who want what you want. So, you’re fighting each other for a slice of success. Do you know who 7 usually wins? The person with a good plan.

Yes, making plans can be terrifying. So, consider plans a promise that you make yourself. When you plan something, you solemnly promise yourself that you will do that thing.

In this way, you won’t betray your plans because it would be like betraying yourself. Think about it!

7. Stop being afraid of failure

We cannot stress this enough. Fear of failure is like a disease. It spreads from the tiniest seed of doubt to complete paralysis. Yes, people can really get paralyzed by fear. So, do not let it control you. Do not let fear dictate your life.

We make most of our life decisions out of fear. Moreover, our brains are so afraid of the fear that sometimes we don’t even know we’re so scared.

So, you’ll have to dig deeper and deeper to find the real seeds of your fear. When you do, you have to neutralize them. Only then can you be really free to pursue your dreams and find success.

The motive book  review

Suppose you are getting your life in order, and it is time for the next chapter. This next chapter is about leadership.

We will write a little motive book review now. We guarantee it will help with your current problem. Moreover, after reading the motive book summary, you should also purchase the book.

So what is this motive book? It is called The Motive: Why So Many Leaders Abdicate Their Most Important Responsibility. The author is Patrick Lencioni, an American business consultant, author, and speaker.

The book is centered around why one chooses to become a leader. So, if you are now at the next chapter of your journey, why do you want to be a leader? Is it for the benefit of your organization? Or is it for your own gain? Do you seek glory, celebrity, or higher benefits and remuneration?

What drives you as a leader? The author starts his book with a story. As you read along, you will go through an engaging list of plot twists, dialogues, and questions that will guide you toward a precious lesson in leadership.

In Patrick Lencioni’s view, there are two broad leadership motives:

  1.  Leadership motivated by rewards
  2.  Leadership centered on responsibility

The motive book summary is this. Shay Davis, CEO of Golden Gate Security, questions his role as a CEO. He feels trapped in this leadership role just after one year. He finally receives a piece of hard-to-swallow advice from one of his most detested opponents – namely Liam Alcott, CEO of another security company.


the motive book discussion questions
Why So Many Leaders Abdicate Their Most Important Responsibility.

So, what is this advice?

The motive book discussion questions

Well, the motive book’s main question is – Why do you want to be a leader?

Is leadership about serving others, or is it about serving one’s personal interests? Is it about “Me” or “We”?

Therefore, is a CEO responsible for his company’s people? How much does a CEO have to sacrifice for that?

So, what is a motive in a story with CEOs? The author concludes that there are two big motivations for taking on the role of a leader:

  • wanting to serve others and do whatever it takes to take care of the people you lead. Willing to accept the sacrifices and maybe even suffering that come with helping others.
  • wanting to be rewarded. So, these leaders see leadership as a much-deserved prize for their long years of work and dedication. For these leaders, attention, power, money, and social status are a priority.

The motive book conclusion

So, according to Patrick Lencioni, there are five core responsibilities that a leader cannot delegate. These are the Holy Grail of leadership, and they might require sacrifice and hard work on the CEO’s side. Reward-centered leaders might forsake these five responsibilities because they’re only interested in the benefits.

So, only a leader can:

1. Develop the leadership team

2. Manage their team. You can only manage individuals by example. As a leader, you need to understand your team’s needs and wants and ensure they are in line with your company’s goal.

3. Have complicated conversations. Therefore, the mark of a true leader lies in how she/he can handle complex and uncomfortable situations. Thus, sweeping things under the rug is not what a leader should do. Usually, rewards-centered leaders avoid awkward interpersonal conversations that might arise in the team. That can only lead to disaster in the long term.

4. Lead outstanding team-building meetings. So, no one can build and keep the team together better than the leader. A CEO that hates meetings and avoids discussing the most important issues will only run a company.

5. Constant and responsible communication with the employees. A CEO needs to keep a few communication channels open. Thus, they can address the employees on the most important matters at hand.

This is all, folks. What we have tried here is a little guide that will steer you in the right direction in your life. So, start by getting your life in order. Pick yourself up, and go through your failures. Stop being afraid of what people think of you, and most importantly, stop being afraid of falling. That’s the only way you can grow. Embrace change, and nourish it. You can’t do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

The time is Now

So, tell yourself this every day, and avoid procrastination. Thereby, just do it!

Last but not least, get to work, pal!

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