How does ClickMagick work? Discussing funnels and marketing

You’ve probably already heard about ClickMagick. This is why you’re here, right? You want to find an answer to the question How does Clickmagick work? Well, you can start by reading our extensive review of the tool in our previous article. You’ll find there all the quirks and features of ClickMagick and how to use it to boost your sales funnel and marketing strategy.

In this article, we’ll look at the specifics of using ClickMagick. Why you need it, how to run affiliate marketing programs with it, and how it fares against the competition. Shall we begin?


How does clickmagick work
You want to find an answer to the question How does ClickMagick work?

How does ClickMagick work for your business?

Well, Clickmagick offers a plethora of features and benefits. It will become an integral part of your marketing strategy by measuring your campaigns’ performance, managing data, and monitoring clicks. It is a success tracker if you want. You can easily tell if your sales funnel is working just by looking at how and where people click.

Moreover, Clickmagick allows you to customize your metrics according to your KPIs. You can even set up custom metrics.

Nobody loves to calculate conversion rates, and track and compare data by hand. ClickMagick offers an integrated platform for that. Therefore, you’ll have all your campaign performance and conversions in one place. Moreover, you can share the ClickMagick login with your team members for seamless collaboration.

We’ve discussed all the great Clickmagick features before, but let’s refresh, shall we? First of all, ClickMagick offers an interactive and impressive dashboard. It is easy to use, and, in time, it will become like your second home.

Secondly, if you are an affiliate marketer, you’ll love the A/B testing function. So, you’ll be able to split and find the best-performing links in your campaigns. Above all, Clickmagick keeps you on top of your metrics. You’ll know right away which sales funnel work and which don’t.

Another important ClicMagick feature is the Traffic Quality Score. It basically splits your traffic into three tiers. The value for best-quality traffic should be above 75.

In addition, ClickMagick can also help you with retargeting. You can integrate the ClickMagick Facebook pixel or any other pixel into your campaigns. Later, you can add the retargeting pixel to your tracking list. So, you will see the performance of your retargeting campaigns.

What’s In for publishers?

Surely, there are so many more things to say to answer the question How does ClickMagick work? We’ve analyzed all of that in the previous article. Now, it’s time to get into the specifics. So, let’s discuss ClickMagick for publishers. Furthermore, let’s touch on some sales funnel theories.

First of all, publishers using ClickMagick will be interested in traffic quality. The TQ meter helps you understand your traffic better. It doesn’t mean that some people bring bad traffic, and others good ones. Traffic quality refers to the traffic sources you get on your website. Each platform might calculate it differently, but ClickMagick offers a very precise value based on your campaigns.

In addition to this, as an affiliate marketer, you will also need to master the conversion rates. It is crucial to know which articles or reviews convert the most. Furthermore, you should also keep an eye on the products you promote. See which ones get more hits, and try to reuse them or promote other similar products/services. Clicmagick does a great job at calculating your conversion rates and keeping them there for you at first touch.

How do you know if your conversion rates are good? First of all, you should always optimize them. Good conversion rates do not guarantee you success in the long term. You need to keep improving the user journey and shopping experience.

Secondly, you should look at some competitors or studies. For example, for the year 2020, the average e-commerce site had a conversion rate of 1%-2%.  Just to be sure, that’s the percentage of the people who made a purchase on your platform. You calculate the percentage based on several factors: organic traffic, and paid advertising.

How to run affiliate marketing

We have been discussing the affiliate marketing business model in older articles. It can be either a side hustle to make an extra penny or a full-time job. And it can also be a hobby. That’s the beauty of it.

Now, affiliate marketing is not just about writing a couple of articles and placing one or two affiliate links into them. If you want to do it right, you need a proper sales funnel.


Clickmagick vs google analytics
As a general rule, there are four steps to building a sales funnel:

Sales funnels are fun…sometimes. Nevertheless, they’re the crucial ingredient in transforming a visitor into a customer. If you are an affiliate marketer, then the sales funnel is a bit different from eCommerce. As a publisher, you must make sure your website visitors have a smooth journey on your platform and that they are led down the right “purchase path”.

Usually, the less complex the user journey is, the better. This is why every web designer should abide by the infamous “less is more”. In most cases, it is. So, don’t confuse your audience with thousand of redirects and links. The content needs to be straightforward, as entertaining, and as persuasive as possible. More than that, it needs to lead directly to the buying phase.

So, how does ClickMagick work here? It will help you optimize your user journey. You can tell a lot about your users’ experience from where and how they click when landed on your page.

As a general rule, there are four steps to building a sales funnel:

  1. Build awareness (SEO, social media, understanding your target audience)
  2. Build interest (make an offering that would attract your target audience)
  3. Create scarcity and yearning (exclusive offers or locked-out content with ClickMagick)
  4. Inspire action (call to action to turn your leads into converted customers by persuading them to purchase your affiliate products)

Use ClickMagick to build an affiliate marketing sales funnel

So, the first step is to build awareness. That’s when you capture your target audience’s attention to your brand. Start by pumping up those SERPs (search engine results pages). First of all, do thorough keyword research and select the best-performing keywords in your niche with the lowest competition. Secondly, you include these keywords on-page, optimize every page, and start with link building.

The second step is the content. You need high-quality content to run a successful affiliate business. That means your content should be highly accessible, easy to read, and entertaining. It should also provide a unique perspective on things.

The third step is to build trust for your brand. Create a trustworthy landing page where you will land your leads. This will make conversions easy.

The fourth step is maintaining and optimizing all these. This is where ClickMagick comes in handy. It will help you gather actionable data from your campaigns. This way, you’ll know at all times how your funnel’s doing. Moreover, you’ll know if your audience stumbles somewhere across the user journey because you’ll be tracking every click.

All in all, ClickMagick will offer you all the performance data you need. You’ll be able to see what each dollar you’ve invested in ads is returning. This leads to more efficiency.

How do ClickMagick work and what alternatives

Now, ClickMagick is more than one tool. It is a suite of tools, given its many features and capabilities. This begs the question – is it the only platform that can do this? The answer is no, and we’re going to look at other tools now. These are tools similar to ClickMagick.

Improve vs ClickMagic

In the case of improved vs ClickMagick, things are clear. Both have similar features. Improve has been in business since 2009. It features both click fraud monitoring and conversion tracking. Like ClickMagick, it can easily integrate with Facebook Pixel, Adwords, Twitter, and other major networks.

Furthermore, it can even create a profile of your customer. So, you will know how many times the average customer visited or clicked on a specific ad.

You can track landing page traffic just like with ClickMagick. Moreover, you have all the reports in one place – SEO, paid advertising, traffic reports, keywords, etc. Want to know more about the ClickMagick vs Improvely pricing?

Well, just like ClickMagick, Improvely offers a 14-day free trial. After that, you have 4 plans compared to the 3 you have with Clickmagick. The most affordable ClickMagick plan is $37/month. In the case of Improvely, it is $29/month. The biggest ClickMagick plan is $197/month. However, Improvely has plans worth more than $299/month for large agencies.

So, if you are a beginner, the freelancer Improvely plan seems like a good idea. However, if you are an agency in need of more, I would choose ClickMagick. What do you think?

ClickMagick vs Google Analytics

Ok, we know, ClickMagick vs Google Analytics is not entirely a fair comparison. We all know Google Analytics is the Almighty of real-time Google stats, while Clickmagick is just a link tracker. Nevertheless, it is a good link tracker that offers a lot of important features, and it integrates with Google Analytics. So, we’ll have a go at this comparison. Both these tools are crucial to your marketing strategy success.


Clickmagick tracking link
Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google that provides web analytics and reports to all Google users.
Google Analytics

According to Wikipedia, Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google that provides web analytics and reports to all Google users. It was launched in November 2005, and 16 years later, it is the “frenemy” of every marketer or content creator.

Google Analytics can track:

  • webpage session duration
  • how many pages per session have you got
  • traffic
  • bounce rate
  • sources of traffic
  • review online Google Ads campaigns
  • track conversions etc.

It also integrates with Google Ads, and it is currently offered as part of the Google Marketing Platform brand. It is free to use because it belongs to Google, and you receive it as a by-product of using their services.

However, if you “pop the hood” of Google Analytics, you will see it uses a tracking code that several ad filtering programs or browsers might block. There have been such cases, and you can’t really know what gets tracked and what doesn’t. So, as the old proverb goes, you shouldn’t keep all your eggs in the same basket.

This is why a lot of digital marketers choose to use multiple such tracking and analytics programs. You don’t want holes in your data, inaccurate geographical data, and so on, do you?

So, ClickMagick?

We’re not saying ClickMagick is the best. We’re saying you should use it in parallel with Google Analytics or other tools. You need to have an alternative to compare the data from time to time. So, yes, this might be the best answer to the question – How does ClickMagick work? You make it work for you.

So, the main ClickMagick Pros are:

  • Cross-device tracking (mobile tracking supported)
  • Automatic Detection of fraudulent clicks
  • Monitoring Link uptime 24/7
  • Dynamic ClickMagick tracking link
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard
  • It Provides sub-IDs for affiliate link tracking

And of course, there are a few cons:

  • No mobile app
  • Some features require a steep learning curve
  • You need to fill in the bank details to get the 14-day trial
  • There are more pricing options that are hidden on the Clickmagick page (and we don’t understand why). You’d better get in touch with them for the full scope of the offering
Google Analytics Pros and Cons

So, would Google Analytics work for you? Let’s see the reasons why it would:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Easy to integrate into any website with a universal fragment of code
  • Countless individual statistics
  • “Google’s child”

And, what about the cons of using only Google Analytics?

  • Some statistics are unclear
  • Could be blocked by various ad-blocking programs
  • Confusing support

Conclusion on How does ClickMagick work

Of course, there are a lot of questions on your mind now – is Clickmagick worth the money?; should I look at other options? 

Well, we conclude that it is a reliable and complete tracking tool with several other bonus features. The price is pretty good for what it offers. Moreover, it can help you rank high in Google SERPs. There is great “power” and potential in the data it offers. On top of all these, it offers A/B testing features, which are extremely important. Actually, if you’re still asking us – how does ClickMagick work? – the first answer would be: you do A/B testing and then continuous optimization through click tracking.

So, back to work?

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