ClickMagick review: what it is and how to use it efficiently

ClickMagick is an online marketing tool that enables you to track and optimize links and ads for all your marketing campaigns. So, you’ll know exactly what your page visitors are up to. That’s a major advantage when running an online business, isn’t it? Tracking every click in your sales funnel will work wonders for all your campaigns. It will enable you to see where your users are coming from. It will also let you see if and where they stumble in your funnel. You will know if they’re humans or bots.

In fact, you could say so much about a person just by where and how she or he clicks. A click map will help you track the on-page user engagement and optimize your website accordingly for better conversions.

Nevertheless, let’s not get too excited. Let’s take it step-by-step, and see how ClickMagick can help pump your marketing strategy.


ClickMagick can help pump your marketing strategy.

Why you need a tool like ClickMagick

The traffic source is “the place” where your visitors have discovered your website. It is the reason they end up on your webpage. Every website session has an original source to it. You can track that down with tools like ClickMagick. Why should you?

  • Because you need to identify your best and worst traffic sources to see what’s converting and what’s not
  • You need to know which elements on your pages drive sales and which do not

All in all, you have to fine-tune your sales funnel based on data. ClickMagick provides you with that data – which traffic sources send the best-quality traffic, how people click through the sales funnel, etc.

So, What is ClickMagick? At first glance, it is a powerful marketing tracking tool. In a nutshell, it can:

  • Track the conversions
  • Do A/B split testing
  • Add retargeting pixels to links
  • Do link cloaking
  • Monitor clicks for fraud
  • Analyze the traffic quality
  • Rotate links

So, who is ClickMagick for? Well, if you are running an online business that needs traffic to convert, then this tool is for you. If you are a blogger, you also need to constantly check your traffic sources. ClickMagick is also useful for affiliate marketers who make a constant revenue stream from running high-converting sales funnels.

Marketing agencies definitely need a tool like a ClickMagick. Nevertheless, even if you are an individual who wants to learn more about the world of marketing and SEO, you can use ClickMagick. In fact, let’s see ClickMagick for beginners! We’ll review all the basic features that can help any content marketing enthusiast.

Main features and functionalities

The main ClickMagick reviews are intensely discussing the link tracking feature. This will help your online business to gather important performance data from your sales funnels. The link tracking feature is, in fact, packed with a lot of goodies.

The link rotation

This is a mighty feature that allows you to split traffic into multiple links. This way, you will have evenly distributed traffic. Basically, you configure more URLs or landing pages under one single link. Furthermore, you divide the traffic from this link to the different pages.


What is clickmagick
This is a mighty feature that allows you to split traffic into multiple links.

This feature is convenient when you want to split test. It randomly allocates clicks with separate mobile links. You can also incorporate or eliminate clicks from different countries. So, let’s see how you split-test your set-up afterward.

The split testing

A/B testing is becoming increasingly popular in marketing. Basically, according to Wikipedia, A/B testing is the process of matching two versions of a landing page, AD, e-mail, or funnel, and seeing which one performs best.

So, for this kind of testing, the link rotation feature is crucial. With ClickMagick, you can easily do A/B testing. You add multiple links or a single rotating link that will send users to different versions of your page. After a while, you read the data and see which version converts better. In fact, you don’t even need to be bothered with that, ClickMagick will notify you about the “winner”. If you’re ok with it, you can automatically have the traffic diverted to that winning landing page, and your campaign will start.

The ClickMagick popups, bars, and timers

In the ClickMagick dashboard, you will find a category called “Content”. Under it, there are three magic features: MagickPops, MagickBars, and Timers. Shall we see what each one of them does?


The MagickPops function enables you to create popups. These small windows pop up over web pages and landing pages to engage with users. They can encourage users to leave feedback or sign up. There are a lot of ways to customize a pop-up window and a lot of tools. Nevertheless, if you’re using ClickMagick, you’ve got it right there. You don’t need any extra tools or software to do that.

There are 4 different types of pop-ups that you can create with ClickMagick. You can have: load, delayed, on-exit, and redirect pop-ups. What they mean is pretty self-explanatory. Now, whilst there might be a visual editor to design the pop-up to your liking, you will still need some HTML knowledge to do that. You can text, tables, images, and even YouTube videos to the pop-ups, but you’ll need to find your way around the editor.

There is a silver lining, though. You can integrate these pop-ups with the main e-mail automation platforms out there.


You can place a bar at the top or bottom of a page that will stay there until the visitor clicks on it or removes it. This bar can be a notification, a promo, a timer, or whatever makes sense in that specific context. Usually, you will need a dedicated plugin to add a timer to your webpage, but not with ClickMagick. It’s got plenty of aces up its sleeve, this tool!

What is more, you can use MagickBars on pages that you do not own.


The timer feature could generate that FOMO for your users and visitors. If you didn’t know, FOMO is the fear of missing out. Actually, it represents the social anxiety that many people are having during the time of their lives when they’re missing out. The response to FOMO is the desire to always be connected. It happens on Social Media and all the other digital channels out there.

Now, you can create this FOMO yourself. This way, you will pressure your potential visitors to take action immediately; otherwise, they’ll be missing out. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of creating a fake scarcity. That won’t end up well. However, try to create some anticipation for your products or your stories.

If used with the right story, this ClickMagick timer can help convert more visitors. You’ll see.

Click filtering

Well, there are great things that can happen to you as an affiliate marketer. You can finally find your passion, and your drive and won’t have to work a day in your life. You can create an awesome income stream to make all your dreams come true. What is more, you can meet great friends, strike awesome partnerships and make an impact. However, there are also nasty things that could happen to you as an affiliate marketer.

Take fake clicks, for instance. Everything is going great. You’re buying traffic, and that converts because your funnel is top-notch. Nevertheless, an Ad vendor is sending fake clicks to your affiliate offers, and that spoils the party. Your ad budget is wasted because of false clicks from bots.

Hopefully, ClickMagick can also help in this situation. It can flag clicks that come from questionable sources. Yes, it is like a cop for good clicks.

Now, leaving jokes aside, Clickmagick’s click filtering function will help keep your data clean from any fraudulent, malicious clicks that you might get from PPC Advertising or even from Google.

Dynamic sub-IDs

Sub-IDs offer an excellent opportunity to track clicks to your link. You can use Sub-IDs to store non-unique tracking information. For example, you can use one tracking link to track all clicks from a landing page with different buttons. So, you use Sub-IDs for each button, but the tracking link is singular.

With Clickmagick you can easily add sub-ids to every link. You can use this link anywhere, and you’ll still be able to track the source. So, you can use the same link with different offers or designs and A/B test them. In the end, you’ll know which one works best.

Moreover, you can place links to a single product on various pages or landing pages. It doesn’t matter where, because Clickmagick will show you the various metrics for each.

If you need additional help with any of these features, you can easily write to the ClickMagick support page. Post a question there, or browse the extensive knowledge base.

Content locking

Content Locking is a nice feature that will come in handy for any blog website. It basically allows you to keep certain types of content (articles, videos, tutorials) hidden until the visitors perform a certain action. So, they’ll need to unlock this content. How? You decide. You can have them give you their e-mail address or share something on Social Media. It depends.


Yes, pixels are everywhere! Kiddin’. Sort of, because Clickmagick allows you to add custom tracking and retargeting pixels. Does it work with Facebook pixel? Yes, and Google Ads, Bing Ads, or pretty much any other ad network you can think of. Really cool stuff that you won’t find on any link-tracking software.

You might not like tracking pixels, but they’re a must if you want to monitor your Ads’ performance. So, go to “Tools“, choose “Tracking Pixels“, and then “Pixel Builder“. There you go, you got yourself to the Tracking Pixel Builder page. Here, you have plenty of customizations to do:

  1. Choosing what you want to track – Actions/ Engagements / Sales
  2. The Conversion Attribution – First Click/ Last Click
  3. If you want to track duplicate conversions – No/Yes
  4. Adding the Pixel to a tracking link? – No/Yes
  5. You can also add an optional “Ref” value

After you make all these customizations, you have two options:

  • Generate the Image/HTML pixel – if you’re tracking a WordPress page
  • Generate a JavaScript pixel – if you’re tracking a ClickFunnel page, and you need to paste the code in the footer


Another useful Clickmagick setting is the geo-targeting feature. It allows you to incorporate or eliminate certain countries from your targeting.

We should also mention mobile tracking here. It is a kind of “geo-targeting”. So, basically, you can have Clickmagick send all the mobile clicks to a separate link. This way, you won’t confuse them with the desktop clicks.


This feature will be very helpful for you if you have a very specific audience scattered around the globe in specific locations. If that’s the case, then this geo-targeting and mobile-targeting element will help bring quality conversions in.

The ClickMagick how-to

So, as you can see, Clickmagick has got a pretty impressive and complete feature pack for everyone. Affiliate marketers can cloak affiliate links for their marketing campaigns. They can split-test their affiliate funnels, and add different interactive timers, and CTAs to their pages. Moreover, link rotators and split traffic are God’s given for affiliate marketers.

Bloggers using ClickMagick can dynamically attach sub-IDs to their links and lock content on their blogs. Retargeting via Ads is also a blessing for bloggers. Also, let’s not forget about cloaking affiliate links and using content features such as pop-ups, bars, and timers.

Solo Ad sellers and buyers could also benefit from Clickmagick’s features, such as tracking link clicks in e-mails or using multi-mode rotators to split traffic between several affiliates. The tool’s geo-targeting is also a nice touch for Ad sellers, and the automatic link uptime monitoring will help them know when a link is down in real-time. It’s almost too good to be true.

Clickmagick is also a golden tool for e-commerce owners who can use it for retargeting the visitors who clicked on a particular link. As an eCommerce owner, you would also like to be able to integrate Google Analytics and Facebook with your link-tracking tool. You can easily do that with Clickmagick. Moreover, you can also use the countdown on some of your products or offers. A little bit of scarcity never hurt anybody. The Magickpop and MagickBar will enable you to build mailing lists.

And the list can go on. The tool works fine for the whole online industry. Now, let’s assume you’re a newbie. You’re just getting started in the world of eCommerce and want some ClickMagick tutorials. You’re in the right place. Let’s see how to make it work.

How to Use the Clickmagick Timer

You simply go to “Content“, and “Timer“, and hit the “Create New Timer” button. You will get a customization window where you can select multiple options for your timer, such as:

  • The name of the timer (i.e. the text that will display as main; it must have between 4-32 letters)
  • The Timer Duration – Evergreen/ It expires at a certain date and time
  • The Timer Design Style and Colours – Flip/Slide/ Metal/ Crystal; Black/White
  • Label Colour – so, you have to choose between Black/White/Gray
  • The Timer Width – you can enter a valid value here
  • What the Timer Will Show – Days/ Hours/ Minutes/ Seconds
  • What will happen when it expires – Nothing/ Hide the Timer/ Redirect to – and here you enter a custom address

So, once you’ve got all these settings done, you simply click on the “Create New Timer” button, and Clickmagick will generate the timer for you. You can then place it wherever you want – be it a webpage or within one of your MagickBars.

How to create a MagickPop

So, let’s continue our series of ClickMagick tutorials with this MagickPop special guide. Go to “Content“, “Popup“, or “Create New Pop“. Here, you will have a window with a few basic customizations, such as:

  • Pop Name – The text needs to be between 4-32 letters.
  • The width and height of the pop-up – you can enter values or percentages.
  • The timing – it can be on-load/ after x minutes/ “Intelligent” Exit/ “Intelligent” Redirect.
  • It can be closable or not.
  • You can even set the cookie duration.
  • You can use an existing page as a pop-up or use Clickmagick’s special visual editor. This editor is stunning, although it requires some HTML and design knowledge.

In the visual editor, you can add just about anything you can think of. You can integrate images, specific tables, or even YouTube videos. After you’re done, you generate the pop-up. Then, you can integrate it into almost any e-mail automation platform.

How to track affiliate link sales

If you are an affiliate marketer, tracking the sales is crucial. You might be working with different affiliate networks, and you need to know how much you’re making from each.

ClickMagick support
If you are an affiliate marketer, tracking the sales is crucial.

So, go to “Tools“, “Postback URLs“, and then “Postback builder“.

Now, on the Postback Builder window, you will get a message encouraging you to select the affiliate network you’re working with. Once you click the “select affiliate network” button, you will get a huge list of affiliate networks.

So, let’s say you’re a Wix affiliate. You pick this option and move along to another window guiding you through the entire process:

  1. Add a unique Sub-ID to your Wix affiliate link.
  2. You will receive a custom ClickMagick postback URL to paste into your Wix Affiliates.

Overall, the process is pretty intuitive, and in no time, you’ll be able to:

  • Know the exact pages your users are landing on.
  • See the links they’re clicking the most.
  • Measure which link clicks leads to sales.
  • You can also find out how much money you’re generating with each sale

On top of all that, you have all the information in one dashboard. That’s pretty impressive!

How to create link groups

So, if you want to track a lot of links, then you need to group them somehow. Otherwise, it will all become a mess, and you’ll have no idea where to look. Add multiple offers to the equation, and it becomes almost unbearable.

So, how do you group these links? It is actually elementary to create a link group with ClickMagick. You go to “Tools” and then “Group Manager“.

A window named “Link& Rotator Groups” will pop up. From here on, it is pretty straightforward. You have three options:

  • create group
  • rename group
  • delete group

When it comes to creating groups, you can create a new link group or a new rotator group.

How to create links with ClickMagick

So, let’s get back to what Clickmagick is all about – tracking links. This is the bread and butter of this Clickmagick review.

Let’s assume you want to create a new offer. You need a new link. So, go to “Links“, “Create New Link“, and then to “Create Link Manually“.

Here, you have a few straightforward boxes to fill. The first one is the link group. Do it now if you already have a specific group you want to add the new link to. It is crucial to keep your Clickmagick tidy and clean.

The second box is optional, and it refers to the Link name. Here, you can write any name you want. It should be something that helps you identify this link later.

Then, you simply paste the tracking link and the primary URL. Moreover, you have the option to cloak the link or simply track and redirect it to the URL above.

OK, so what does link cloaking mean? When you cloak a link, it means you shorten it and remove the affiliate ID from the link. Moreover, you can include your brand name in the URL if that will make it more attractive. Link cloaking helps protect against any malicious schemes and software that might replace affiliate IDs to steal your commission. The worst thing is that you might not even notice when it happens.

So, cloak your affiliate links from now on. There are a lot of tools out there that can do that. However, why search other tools when you’ve got ClickMagick, right?

ClickMagick pricing

You can use ClickMagick for free only for a limited 14-day trial period. It is enough to get used to the tool and try out all the features we’ve presented above. We recommend you do that first to see how and if you can work with it.

If you like it and you want to continue, you should know there are three pay plans:

The starter plan

This plan costs $37/per month. It is addressed to the newbie. So, if you need basic tracking, this starter plan is for you. You get up to 10,000 clicks a month and can share the account with one team member.

You have unlimited conversions and access to the Core TrueTracking features. Moreover, you can track one funnel, and two custom domains and have 6-month data retention. You can also contact online support for any help, but it’s not available 24/7.

The standard plan

This one is considerably more expensive. For $77/month, you get all the benefits from the Starter Plan, plus a lot more. For example, you can share the account with three other team members. Moreover, you have access to cross-device tracking and phone/offline sales tracking.

The audience optimization features are also enabled. On top of that, you get:

  • Facebook Conversions API
  • PPC Click Shield
  • Funnel Tracking for 5 projects
  • 10 Custom Tracking Domains
  • 1-year data retention
  • Helpdesk and live chat support
  • 1-on-1 Onboarding Call

You even get paid traffic courses. That sounds like a deal!

The pro plan

If you are a true power user who needs much more than the two plans presented above, then you need to pay about $197/month. That’s a lot of money, but it also brings you up to 1 million clicks a month.

More than that, you can share the account with an unlimited number of team members, and you’ve got unlimited funnel tracking, custom domains, and done-for-you support. On top of all of this, you also have 2-year data retention. That’s super cool. Nevertheless, it was a bit expensive. This plan is mostly addressed to the heavy marketers out there.

So, what if you’re new in the trade and have just stumbled across the ClickMagick landing page?

Well, ClickMagicik will only support your business if you’ve already got a webpage sustaining a decent amount of traffic. If you’re still learning the ropes and are not ready for paid advertising yet, then Clickmagick might not be for you. Nevertheless, you could go for the Starter Plan just to test the waters. It’s up to you, really.

Now, let’s say you sign up for the Starter Plan, but your eCommerce business is going so well, you’ve exceeded your plan click limit. Whappens next? You’ll automatically get an upgrade to the next highest plan.

Clickmagick has been around since 2014, and more than 122,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses have used it ever since. It is not a cheap service, but it does wonders when it comes to online marketing.

Are there alternatives?

At this point, it is only natural to wonder if there are any alternatives for ClickMagick. Well, yes. There are plenty of other tools offering link monitoring and tracking for your marketing business. Let’s look at 3 of them. Moreover, do you think there’s a ClickMagick free alternative? Let’s find out!


ClickMagick pricing
There are plenty of other tools offering link monitoring and tracking for your marketing business.

1. Voluum

Voluum is a cloud-based software that tracks links’ activity. It offers a couple of templates for automatic link building. It can monitor different cost models, such as CPC or CPA. Its major pro is that it’s fast. The redirects take less than 5 milliseconds. Users won’t notice it.

What is more, Voluum also offers API access. You can integrate it with other platforms thanks to a .json API. It is free.

Compared to Clickmagick, Voluum does not offer cloaking or link rotators. You can do some A/B testing with Voluum as well, but not as extensive as with Clickmagick.

The cheapest Voluum plan is $99/month. For that money, you have a million events limit (visits, clicks, conversions). Moreover, you get support based on a certain SLA, 6 months of data retention, and three tracking domains.

The most expensive plan is $1,000/month. If that’s not enough for your business, you have the option to scale it for your needs, like 10 million or 30 million events. The good thing is, you can extend the data retention plan for two years or more. Nevertheless, it costs so much more than ClickMagick.

2. ClickMeter

Much like Clickmagick, ClickMeter will target your incoming visitors and what they do on your web pages. It will track their clicks and views and your conversions.

ClickMeter also offers an API and documentation. Much like Clickmagick, the tool can target by country or device type. It does link rotations and cloaking, and it integrates with AdWords and several affiliate networks.

The pricing is more reasonable. The starter plan is $29/month for 25,000 events. It includes 1 year of data storage and 1 branded domain. It’s curious that you don’t receive click fraud protection with the basic plan.

The most expensive plan is $349/month for 2 million events. You get 3 years of data storage, 100 branded domains, and other 100 sub-accounts.

3. Track. me

Yeah, it sounds and looks like a type, but believe us, it’s not. is another alternative for Clickmagick, and you can use it for free for 30 days; no credit card is necessary.

You can track all the basic things with, as with Clickmagick. Yes, the dashboard on this one looks a bit better than on Clickmagick. Nevertheless, we might just be subjective.

One cool thing about this tool is that it alerts you when the paid traffic starts delivering or stalls. The second cool thing is that they host live streams quite frequently. You can join them and interact with the dev team directly. is also cheaper. This is both good and bad. It’s way cheaper than any in this list and even more than ClickMagick. So, that might be a red flag. The basic plan starts from $9/month, and it gives you unlimited basic tracks. Other than that, it’s basic.

You can upgrade to the $49/month, where you’ll get custom tracking domains, affiliate reports, and tracking, a bit more from everything. Nevertheless, the plans are still limited in comparison to Clickmagick.

So, is ClickMagick worth it?

Running an online business is pretty much about numbers. If you’re still uncertain about that ClickMagick login, let us tell you our last thoughts.

Clickmagick is a cloud-based tool that provides you with all the data you need to track the performance of your online business.


  • easy to learn and intuitive
  • reasonable pricing
  • it supports split testing
  • uptime link monitoring
  • advanced postback URL tracking
  • it can even track pages that are not yours


  • limited trial period
  • some features require a bit of HTML knowledge

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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