Voice vs Speechelo and other alternatives: Detailed analysis

Voice vs Speechelo, from the very first command lines to AI-based text-to-speech applications, it’s been a long ride – quite a glorious one. Creating a human voice from a few lines of text is something applications like Speechelo can easily do these days.

However, if you think about it – writing down a few lines of text, and then miraculously someone speaks them back to you – it hinges on magic. Only that technology is not magic is the long process of work, research, and dedication. It is about trial and error and a burning wish to make our lives better.

So, programs like Speechelo make our lives easier. Whether you’re a content marketer, a vlogger, or just looking to make videos with voice-overs, then here’s your full solution. We’ve written a full review of this piece of software in a previous article. 

This article will discuss several Speechelo alternatives, the newest technologies, and what else is coming from the industry.  However, first, let’s talk about Speechelo pro, a more upgraded version of the app with extra features and capabilities.


Voice vs Speechelo
Programs like Speechelo make our lives easier.

Standard Speechelo vs Speechelo pro

Speechelo is a powerful AI-based text-to-voice software package. You can use it to create human-like voice-overs for videos or answering machines. What is more, it allows you to change the tone of voice depending on how you see fit. More than that, you can let the AI suggest pauses and add other inflections in the voice.

We know from a previous review that Speechelo is a lifetime purchase. For a one-time payment, you get a bunch of Speechelo voices and features that will suffice if you’re a casual video creator.

However, if you want to get more out of the Speechelo languages and capabilities, you can upgrade to the Pro version. So, what are the costs and the benefits, and why should you do that? Let’s see!

Price and features

The standard version of Speechelo costs $47, and it is a lifetime payment. So, it does not require a monthly subscription. What is more, if you’re not satisfied with the features, you can get your money back in 60 days.

Speechelo Pro costs $47 quarterly. Just like the standard version, if you’re not content with the product, you can request your money back in 60 days.

The “battle” Speechelo vs Speechelo Pro is a tad “unfair” in terms of features.


Speechelo refund
If you’re not satisfied with the features, you can get your money back in 60 days.

Standard version features

  • So, you get 30 voices
  • Moreover, you cannot create voice-overs longer than 700 words
  • Unfortunately, you have a monthly character limit of 500,000 characters
  • Moreover, you have 23 languages available
  • Each voice-over is limited to 5000 characters
  • However, you get different voice tones

Pro version features

  • So, once you upgrade to Pro, you get 171 different voices
  • Moreover, you can create longer voice-overs
  • You have a 700,000 characters-limit
  • You also have access to dialogue videos
  • There are still 23 languages to choose from, but they’ll probably upgrade the program more in time.
  • You have campaign support
  • You have a 20,000 character limit per voice-over
  • More than this, you get a bonus eBook called “Voiceover-CASH-Machine
  • Moreover, you have access to a library of 40 background music tracks
  • The Pro version also includes a commercial license
  • You obviously also get different voice tones

Voice samples differences

So, as you can see, and as it is obvious, the Speechelo Pro version is a much more generous package. However, there is a quarterly fee to pay for that.

Apart from the features listed above that show quite a big difference in the Speechelo vs Speechelo Pro versions, there is also one small detail that we’d like to mention.

In the Speechelo Standard version, you can preview the voices just for 4-5 seconds. For the Pro version, you have more than 10 seconds available to decide on a voice you want to use. The voice previews are longer, so you can get a better sense of what you’re using before adding it to the video.

So, if you know you’re going to need a viable, long-term, beefed-up text-to-speech solution, then we recommend you switch to the Speechelo Pro version. You will turn your company’s message and mission into a real voice, and that is priceless.

So, now that we’ve compared Speechelo to its bigger, more “knowledgeable” brother and given you a Speechelo honest review, it’s time for more serious things like these.

Main competitors comparisons

So, now it’s time to explore Voice vs Speechelo, the main competitors on the market, and write in-depth reviews of what those tools can do. It is always good to have a clear view of the whole text-to-speech or speech-to-text market to understand your choices.

It is not always a matter of which tool is better. Sometimes it is about which tool is better for you. We have different businesses or personal projects that require a specific set of capabilities.

So, if you’re an affiliate marketer creating regular video reviews of products, then you might need the Speechelo Pro version. It offers more voice types and a plethora of other features that might come in handy for heavy-duty use.

However, if you’re researching something and making audio notes regularly, you might need a software package to convert voice into text. For this, you will need another type of program.

If you’re a student looking to make your learning process more efficient, then you might need a different type of text-to-speech software version.

This is why it’s always a good idea to broaden your scope and know what the market has to offer. Some so-called competitors are not exactly competitors; they’re focused on a different niche, and you need to know that. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Speechelo vs Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a good text-to-speech application that is focused on a different niche than Speechelo. In fact, Natural Reader has three main products:

  • an online reader for people who are struggling with disabilities or want to read documents on the go
  • a downloadable version of the online tool
  • a commercial application that caters to businesses

The closest to Voice vs Speechelo is the Natural Reader commercial application. Just like Speechelo, it has a text editor, multiple languages, and voices to choose from, and you can download the sounds in mp3 format.

Speechelo vs natural reader
Just like Speechelo, it has a text editor, multiple languages, and voices to choose from.

Moreover, Natural Reader can read text from scanned images, and it lets you upload documents in pdf, .txt, epub, docs, and many more formats. It offers:

  • 173 voices
  • 27 languages
  • Team license (you pay extra, of course)
  • Supports various formats
  • 7-day free trial

However, it is much more expensive than Speechelo, even the Pro version. For Natural Reader, you need to pay $49/per month. However, it will bill you annually, so that’s $588 upfront. If you want to pay each month, you will pay $99. That’s a bit steep, to be honest.

The team license also costs $79/month, billed annually. Four people can use it. For each new additional user, you will have to add $10/month.

So, although it supports a bit more voices vs Speechelo and allows you to upload document formats, we think the price difference is too much.

Speechelo vs Talkia

Talkia is another text-to-speech software developed by a company called Bryxen. They also created the To only, Doodly, and Voomly programs.

Talkia is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It supports about 22 languages, 67 voices, and 30 background music tracks. The front-end license costs $67.

The limit of words for each voice-over is a bit higher – 1000 words. However, compared to Speechelo, there are no pauses, breathing, emphasizing words, or change of tune that you can add to your audio. Interestingly, Talkia includes a few Speechelo voices. They do not have their own voices; they borrow from different software packages. However, Talkia allows you to add background music – something you cannot do in Speechelo.

Nevertheless, in Speechelo vs Talkia comparison, Talkia comes out as a more restricted program. It offers fewer features and some voices from Speechelo. Speechelo is a more complete package, and the cost difference is also good. You pay a bit more, but you get considerably more.

Speechelo vs Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly works on a type of pay-as-you-go model. You pay per million characters. You basically purchase the number of characters you need to turn into a voice. However, you won’t be able to buy a small batch of words. You need to buy a considerable amount, like a million characters. Unfortunately, if you don’t like the voices or what you get for your money, you will not receive your money back. In comparison, the Speechelo refund guarantees your satisfaction with the product, or you just don’t have to pay for it.

Compared to Speechelo, Amazon Polly offers 10 more languages.


So, in the end, Speechelo is a package-based deal that you can purchase with no fear. If you don’t like what you get in the package, you can ask for a refund within 60 days of the purchase. Amazon Polly is a bigger animal. However, they do not offer the same package deal. You buy in words, and you have to deal with it. No refund.

Which is better? It is up to you to decide. It depends on what you’re using it for, your niche, your industry, and your activities. As we were saying, there is no perfect text-to-speech software package. They all have their pros and cons, and based on an honest review like this one; you can make your informed decision.

Speechelo vs Synthesis

Speechelo is a synthesis voice program. It basically helps you synthesize your thoughts into a voice so that you can easily express ideas. As we were saying previously, it is perfect for compressing information in a video where you have limited time and space to do so.

So, you don’t need to be a marketer or content creator to use a text-to-speech program like Speechelo. Speechelo is also good for researching or studying. It will help you synthesize your ideas better. For example, you can turn your summaries into videos and listen to them on the go.

Classic synthesis is an academic science in itself. According to Wikipedia, there are several uses for synthesis in chemistry, biochemistry, physics, electronics, speech, and sound creation.

Sound synthesis is also quite a complex domain. It comprises several methods. For example, there is the wave field synthesis technique. It is used to create a virtual acoustic environment.

Another technique is called subtractive synthesis, and it is characterized by adding filters that will alter the timbre of a sound, to emulate certain specific noises.

Furthermore, there is the method of frequency modulation synthesis. Using this technique, sound engineers use a modulator to change the frequency of a waveform.

The last but not least method of sound synthesis is speech synthesis. This is exactly what Speechelo does – it artificially produces human speech. However, through fine tunings, and AI, the voices sound very human-like. Moreover, technological advances have allowed for other speech modulations, such as tones, breathing pauses, and inflections. When we speak, we do lots of these, and we don’t even acknowledge that.

Good actors study these speech inflections, pauses, and modulations that we express in different circumstances. They are very much linked to our emotions, our moods, and our feelings.

The power of the human voice

The thing is, we do all these things instinctively. We just know to slow down when our listener is puzzled by what we’re saying. When someone is trying to interrupt our train of words, we either speed up or slow down and let them intervene.

We can read delight, anger, amazement, disgust, fear, and so much more in people’s voices. When we cannot do that when a voice is neutral, then we call it robotic, and dull, and we’re suddenly uninterested in it.

This is where Speechelo’s strong points come in. The voices it provides are human-like. Moreover, the AI-powered engine can suggest pauses, breathing spaces, tones, and certain inflections in the voice. The Speechelo voices can convey specific emotions, and that is one solid pro.

Final conclusions

Speechelo is a brilliant text-to-speech software package. It is not just us saying it. As you could see from our Voice vs Speechelo and other comparisons, the tool works and can go head-to-head with any text-to-speech program on the market at the moment.

Speechelo is not just single-use. It is perfect for marketers, content creators, but also students, and researchers. You just import your ideas in the Speechelo text editor, let it do its magic, and within minutes, you have your audio to listen to while on the go. Audiobooks and audio lessons are quite the rage these days.

In the end, it is like you purchase Speechelo free download because if you don’t like the software package in 60 days, you can ask to get your money back. That’s quite a bargain. So, don’t hesitate to purchase one of the best text-to-speech tools out there!

It works like magic!

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