Sound of text vs Speechelo: Features comparison

Sound of text is a text-to-speech generator that can help boost your productivity or support your studies. Turning a piece of text into audio with just a click is no longer a revolution. However, it will help you even in your day-to-day digital tasks. You can turn lessons, essays, or your own synthesis into audio files that you can then listen to while on the go. Thus, you can limit the time you spend glued to a screen by a considerable margin. This is what a basic sound text converter like Sound of Text does.

Nevertheless, if you’re working in an industry that requires high-quality voice-overs for promotional videos or YouTube, then you need more. That’s where you need Speechelo

However, let’s not jump the gun and analyzed these two tools accordingly.


Sound of text
If you’re working in an industry that requires high-quality voice-overs that’s where you need Speechelo.

Sound of text key features

Sound of Text is free. A guy named Nick Pierson created it some four years ago to turn his Anki flashcards into sounds. (Anki is a program that helps students remember and memorize things easier). The sound of text all voices uses the text-to-speech engine from Google Translate. The basic functioning principle is just like the one in Speechelo – you paste a text into the editor and turn it into an mp3 audio file. So, you can download this mp3 and take it with you.

However, the Sound of Text is quite a limited program. It has gained popularity among students and other people who need short, concise audio. Nevertheless, the Sound of Text female voice that narrates most of the audio is the same as Google Translate. It sounds robotic.

If you’re wondering how to get the sound of text in different voices, it’s simple. You paste your text there and then choose the language. But, yes, it’s a bit confusing. The voices are actually the languages narrated by pretty much the same familiar female voice. The good thing is it supports around 61 different languages. However, you’re limited to 200 characters per block of text. That isn’t very pleasant.

The most annoying thing is – if you want the Sound of Text in different voices for a single language, you cannot get that. That’s quite a limit. So, you cannot it for more than just quick audio notes. If you’re an affiliate marketer, it is useless.

How do I record Google Translate?

Well, you’ve got your answer – with Sound of Text. Since this app uses the Google Translate voice engine, the voices will be the same, and you can copy-paste the text translated in Google Translate into the Sound of Text editor. You press “Submit”, and there you have the sound recording for download.

According to Wikipedia, most Google Translate languages have the text-to-speech function to listen to the right pronunciation. However, for some rare languages, Google uses an open-source eSpeak synthesizer that is so robotic, you’ll cringe. Quite awkward. But then again, it is Google Translate and not a proper text-to-sound generator.

Speechelo for voice-overs and other complexities

So, the bottom line is you cannot rely on Sound of Text for voice-overs or any marketing stuff. It is free, it’s true, but it’s merely a Beta program that is fun to use for personal purposes only.

Sound of text all voice
Speechelo is a powerful text-to-audio tool powered by AI that can save you the trouble of looking for a reliable voice artist.

For powerful voiceovers, you need to use a program like Speechelo. If you’re creating videos daily, if you’re an affiliate marketer looking to convert, get leads, and drive traffic, then you need a human-sounding voice for your brand.

Storytelling is a powerful tool that requires a human touch. Speechelo offers multiple human-like voices, languages, breathing pauses, inflections, and tones. It speaks just like you and I are speaking. It is powered by an AI engine that can suggest when to add these pauses, or you can emphasize certain words in your text. The customization goes even deeper:

  • you can adjust the volume
  • adjust the speaking rate
  • choose the pitch
  • add breathing
  • add pause,
  • emphasize words

So, Speechelo is a powerful text-to-audio tool powered by AI that can save you the trouble of looking for a reliable voice artist, which can be pretty expensive. What is more, the standard version of Speechelo is a lifetime purchase, meaning you pay once and can use the program for as long as you want.

So, there is not much comparison between Sound of Text and Speechelo. Sound of Text is just a small web app that you can use for sporadic text-to-speech audio files. It is limited and can get annoying at times. So, choose wisely!

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