How does simple social tools work step-by-step

How does Simple Social Tools work step by step, is a marketing software that helps automate several Facebook marketing processes. While it has its pros and cons, the tool is a good start to building a targeted audience on Social Media. Whether you’re a marketer, a creator, or a service provider, you’re trying hard to get the attention of the right people. This is the first principle to gaining prospects and growing a prosperous affiliate marketing business.  

In this article, we’ll go more in-depth into how this tool works. Moreover, we’ll take a look at some Simple Social Tools alternatives out there at the moment. If you’re looking for a Simple Social tools discount code, you can find one or two deals here. There is no simple social tools crack that we know of as of this moment.


How does simple social tools work
Is a marketing software that helps automate several Facebook marketing processes.

How do simple social tools work

Growing a considerable Social Media presence without using paid ads is tricky. Can the Simple Social Tools app help you achieve that? Let’s take a look!

If you go on the Simple Social Tools sales page, you will see that it reads “How To Build A Highly Targeted Audience On Facebook Without Wasting Your Time 100% FREE.”

Now, of course, the tool costs money. So, what they mean by that “100% FREE” is that it does not involve Facebook paid ads. Yes, you’re not paying to invite people to your fan page or for their clicks.

You install Simple Social Tools into your Chrome browser with just one click. From there on, you can use it with multiple profiles. This is useful if you’re a service provider, a creator, or an online marketer. This tool can help you find your desired audience.

If you scroll down on the Simple Social Tools sales page, you will also find a couple of testimonials from professionals. You will see how the tool helped them automate adding friends, sending invites to their fan pages, or cleaning up the pending invites on Facebook.

Furthermore, the tool allows you to send custom automated messages. This is one of the most important features. So, once you get new friends connected with you, you can send them a personalized message.

simple social tools crack
This is one of the most important features.

According to Wikipedia, Facebook officially launched its Facebook chat in 2008. They have revamped it in 2010, and then released an iOS and Android version in August 2011. Since then, Facebook Messenger has played a crucial part in how we communicate with each other.

We cannot talk about how Simple Social Tools work without discussing the installation process first.

Getting the simple social authorization code

So, once you purchase the Audience Toolkit, you will receive an authorization code to activate the Chrome extension. You will also have access to a couple of videos on how to use each of the features of Simple Social Tools.

So, now that everything is set up, the Simple Social Tools icon will be available in the upper right corner of your browser. If you click on that icon, the Simple Social Tools window will open, and do a quick check to make sure your Simple Social Authorisation Code is valid.

Once that is done, you will notice there are five buttons there:

  • Send Invites (to your fan page or business page)
  • Add Friends (helps add multiple friends to your personal profile)
  • Pending Requests (to manage the friend requests that you have made using the tool)
  • Like Comment (the tool will automatically like and react to content from your feed)
  • Automate Messages (helps send out custom messages to your newly-added friends or existing friends)

Now, let’s take it step-by-step and see how you can use all these features.

Step 1 – How to find the right people

It would help if you found out who’s an influencer online so that you can target their friends. For example, if you’re a marketing affiliate looking to grow your business, begin by looking for other affiliate marketers’ profiles. Target those that have a huge audience so that you can tap into that.

For demo purposes, let’s search for Neil Patel, the author, entrepreneur, marketer, and blogger enjoying a 1-billion fan base on Facebook. He is very well-connected with different entrepreneurs, so you can easily tap into his audience.

How to use simple social tools
Take it step-by-step and see how you can use all these features.

So, you go to his posts and find one with a lot of engagement on it. Next, you click on the number of people engaging with his post. The window detailing all those people’s names will open up. Now, you go to the Simple Social Tools Google Chrome extension and click on the Add Friends button. A few input boxes will appear above the users’ list:

  • Start button (you press it, and it starts to automatically send friend requests to these people)
  • Stop button (you press it, and it obviously stops doing that)
  • Delay input box (you want to set a few seconds delay, so it looks natural to Facebook; Eg. 20 seconds)
  • Total input box (the number of friends you want to connect with, out of the ones who have interacted with the respective post)
  • Skip input box ( if you want to skip the first 10-20 people in the list, you input the number here; e.g. if you want to start with the 50th person in the list, you input the number 50)

When you first start using the tool, we recommend you tread carefully. So, don’t go past 50 friend requests when you’re starting out.

 Step 2 – Send custom messages to the new friends

So, you’ll press on the Simple Social Tools Google Chrome extension icon and choose “Automate Messages”. It will lead you to your Facebook message center. So, click it one more time, and you’ll get an “Automate Messages” pop-up window. You have two options on this window:

  1. Message All (to send messages to all of your existing friends)
  2. New Friends-Only (to send messages to the people that have recently connected with you)

So, click on “New friends”, and you’ll get a couple of other options:

  • Message up to [insert number] friends added since [insert date]
  • Quick times: 1 day ago; 3 days ago, 1 week ago, 2 weeks ago, 30 days ago
  • Stop Button
  • Start Button
  • [Insert message] box – here you can insert several messages and have them rotate between the new friends you’ve connected with

More than this, you can personalize the messages to the individuals, addressing their first names. E.g. “Hi, [first name]”

When all is set up, you press the “Start” button. So, the tool starts scanning through all the friends that you’ve recently connected with, where you haven’t sent any messages to them, or they haven’t sent any messages yet.

You can see in real-time how the tool takes your custom message, pastes it into the text area, and sends it off on your behalf. When the job is done, it will highlight the “Stop” button to show that the task has already been processed.

These are the two most important features of Simple Social Tools, and that’s how to use them properly.

Now that we have discussed the main attributes, of the Simple Social Tools price, let’s look at its founder, Dpapa, for a minute.

The founder

DPAPA is the founder of Simple Social Tools. His full name is  Demetris Papadopoulos. He is known in the business for his numerous ventures and digital products, like NomadCPA Profits, Pintra Software, and Training, or Bang Bang Profits.

Bang Bang Profits is interesting, as a software used to generate high-converting ads on the Bing search engine. There are not many such affiliate marketing lead generators for Bing out there. Furthermore, relying on popular search engines won’t guarantee much success in digital marketing, so looking at the Bing Ads platform is actually a brilliant idea.

If you’re an affiliate marketer using the tool, you can also join the Simple Social Tools affiliate program and thus share some of your experience using it.

So, now that we’ve walked you through all the most important steps to using Simple Social Tools let’s look at some other alternatives on the market.

Simple social tools alternative

If you’re looking to automate your Facebook posts so that you have an updated social media feed, there are plenty of tools out there. Some are free, some are low-cost, and some are more effective than others.  We have already reviewed a very good tool, but let’s look at some others. It’s always good to have your options open.

  1. SocialBlu – relatively new, they offer integration with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. You can go for a free plan at the beginning. The paid plans start from $8 a month. You can use it for bulk scheduling, post recycling, and preview posts. Moreover, it has a monitoring tool for keywords and hashtags. You can also automate intelligent replies to comments, and other webhook integrations.
  2. Eclincher– a bit pricy, the basic package starts from $59/month. It offers publishing automation, monitoring and listening to feeds, social inbox, and sentiment analysis. Their analytics benchmarking is fairly good.
  3. Woopsocial – it offers advanced reporting, community management support, and all sorts of scheduling capabilities for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Can these tools replace Simple Social Tools? They all do their own thing well, and probably the best strategy is to go for many such tools. We hope this step-by-step guide will help you in the near future. Can Simple social tools make money for you? Probably not automatically.

It will need your input and efforts.

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