How to make a lot of money fast

How can I make a lot of money fast? If only there were an easy answer to this…

But the truth is, it isn’t. Because if it were, then everyone would make a lot of money fast, which would only boost the inflation rates. Then prices would rise, and you would have to make even more money, and so on.

So, money doesn’t grow on trees, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, it is something we all want.

Let’s face it. Money is not everything, but it does help make our lives better to some degree. So, how do you earn some extra cash on the side to make your life better?


How to make a lot of money
Let’s focus on how to make a lot of money online.


Well, here are some ideas for you:

  • Drive for Uber
  • Take part in online market research and polls
  • Sell or resell stuff on Craiglist or Amazon
  • Deliver food for local restaurants in your own time
  • Start a blog etc.

Yeah, so there are a lot of ways of making some extra cash. Now, these won’t make a lot of money fast, but they’ll help in the long run. Nevertheless, they require some extra hustle on your part. Whether you want to drive around doing Uber or go online, you’ve got to be committed. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

So, now, let’s focus on how to make a lot of money online. You could start your own blog or Youtube channel. Start creating some good content, and sooner or later, you could monetize it.

But how? Let us share with you an exciting platform that could help you make a lot of money quickly. It is called Click Wealth System, and it works with Clickbank.

Make a lot of money from home with a click wealth system

Click Wealth System is a digital product that you will find on Clickbank. They advertise it as an answer to the question of how to make fast money online.

Nevertheless, it is not a fast method or a simple solution. As with any digital product, it has its shortcomings. Consequently, it also has its strong points.

As a professional using and reviewing digital products for years, I have also come across this system.  I’ve assessed how it works, the money it costs you to get started, and the pros and cons.

If you want to know how to make a lot of money from home, Click Wealth System might help. So, let’s see!

Click wealth system overview

Click Wealth System could help you make money online. All you need is $9 to buy the product. At least, this is how they advertise it.

For $9, you will get a pretty decent welcome video and a PDF file teaching you where to make a lot of money online.

However, the method they sell for $9 is not new or groundbreaking. It’s a pretty established method of using Solo Ads to drive people to buy other ClickBank products.

If you’re wondering how to make a lot of money from home, affiliate marketing is good. You can set up a blog or a YouTube channel and start producing quality content. In a short time, if you’re serious, you can create a lovely brand for yourself. This way, you begin incorporating affiliate links into your articles or videos, which could become one of the jobs that make a lot of money with little work.

You can build an incredible network of affiliate links and become part of a billion-dollar business. Yes, affiliate marketing is immense. If you’re serious about your work and consistent, you can make up to 4 or 5 figures per month.

Nevertheless, the type of affiliate marketing that Click Wealth System teaches you is very basic. It’s more to get you started and used to the industry. It won’t make you 4 or 5 figures per month from the first week. This is the naked truth.

However, this Clickbank digital product can teach you a  lot about what it takes to succeed in affiliate marketing. It is like a baptism of fire. If you “survive” and begin to like it, then you’re up for more significant challenges.

So, Click Wealth System won’t change your life. But it can offer an introduction to your future online business.

Who Is the founder of the click wealth system?

The founder of Click Wealth System is a guy named Mathew Tang. There’s not much written about him on the platform. It would have been nice for him to make an introduction so that you would meet him, at least virtually.

This way, it’s a bit weird, but hey, this is the Internet. At least he’s not flashing his million-dollar car collection, boasting about how much money he’s made on the Internet.

There’s no one to frustrate us with these details. Anyways, leaving jokes aside, this is a bit of a red flag, but let’s move on. All in all, Click Wealth System does not guarantee you will become a millionaire overnight, and that’s a good sign. Any service that guarantees to can make a lot of money fast is a bit of a sham.

Click Wealth System is based on the cloud. The software works like a standard affiliate marketing program that automatically generates affiliate commissions once you land a sale.

Once you buy into the program, you will receive a done-for-you website and an opt-in page. These are your main affiliate marketing tools.

If you’re not familiar with the term, an opt-in page is a subscribers’ page. Here, you can convert users into subscribers using a lead magnet. The lead magnet is essentially a gift you provide your visitors with. It can be a video, an eBook, or a coupon. You choose it based on your brand and business. So basically, on an opt-in page, you tell your visitors: “I’m going to give you this present if you subscribe to my e-mail list”. Well, you don’t tell them like that, but that’s the message.

How does it work?

So, what business makes a lot of money? Affiliate marketing businesses are great. What is more, they can evolve into more prominent online companies. For example, let’s assume you start up a vlog channel.

First, it’s just you and your camera and your niche public. But then, you gain some traction and can develop multiple income streams. You can write and sell courses on sites like Skillshare. You can start another podcast channel, host webinars, or write an eBook. Moreover, you could begin a membership community, where you teach people in your community different stuff. They will have to pay a weekly fee to be part of your community.

When you make enough money, you can start investing in stocks. Consequently, when you come to have multiple sources of income, you can begin to automate your business. So, you delegate certain aspects and build a company. Recruit a team to help you grow even more.

Making money is an organic process in that it grows and develops by itself from a certain point. You can automate certain aspects of this process so that it becomes a passive source of income.

This is how to make a lot of money without working. Well, technically, you need to work a lot at the beginning. Nevertheless, as your business grows and things progress, you can build these passive streams of income. It looks and sounds very cool, and it is possible.

Anyways, let’s get back to our sheep, for we have been divagating for some time now. So, how does the Click Wealth System work? You start with a done-for-you website, an opt-in page, some ClickBank products, and Solo Ads. Let’s see how you put these together and make money.

What you should know about Click Wealth System

So, the idea of the program is to gather address e-mails using your opt-in page. The software will then pick some ClickBank products for you, and you will have to recommend them via e-mail to certain people.

Click Wealth System teaches you to use Solo Ads to get these e-mails. Nevertheless, this is a bit of a problem.

With Solo Ads, you essentially buy subscribers from vendors. These subscribers should click on the offers you send them. When they make a purchase, you make a commission. There are different types here. You can pay for the number of clicks your offer gets. Or, you can pay per subscribers/e-mail.

Usually, you could just type “Solo Ads” on Google, and you’ll get a lot of results, and find a lot of vendors. The only problem with Solo Ads is that you don’t know what you’re buying.

You could pay for 1,000 clicks without getting one sale. It is elementary to set up a bot that will deliver fake clicks. So, you need to be very careful when you set out to find Solo Ads.

There is no way you can check if an e-mail list is legit or just a bot. Actually, you will know only after, when you get lots of clicks, but not one single sale.

Anyways, let’s assume that you will find a great Solo Ads vendor. The list of e-mails you get from this vendor is legit. Those are real people. Nevertheless, you won’t know what type of people they are. You can’t say what kind of products they’re interested in. This is another challenge.

Inside the click wealth system members’ area

So, you basically buy a list of e-mail contact, and you begin to send cold e-mails to these people recommending different types of ClickBank products. This is the Click Wealth System in a nutshell.

It is not the ideal business venture; I’ll give you that. Nevertheless, it is a start. You will learn a lot about Solo Ads, vendors, cold e-mails, and online marketing in general. It’s like a baptism of fire for only $9.

Moreover, this is not everything that Click Wealth System is. You can also sell the product itself. Use it, review it and recommend it to your audience if you have a blog.

How to make a lot of money blogging? This is how. You write about what interests you and what might interest your public and make money from affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, let’s discuss the Members’ Area. There are a few more Easter Eggs hidden inside Click Wealth System’s Members’ Area. Once you’ve bought the service, you will get access to a lot more “upgrades”. You can develop a website and design it so that it attracts more traffic.

Moreover, you can opt for tracking software, domain hosting, and e-mail swipes right from Click Wealth System. Now, it’s up to you if you purchase these upgrades or decide to do it all yourself. We advise you to go solo and build your website, brand, voice, and affiliate business.

The $9 PDF course and the basic program will teach you the basics. Then you need to go out there “in the wild” and experience.

Can you make a lot of money with Click Wealth System?

Okay, so you’re now probably looking for a verdict on this system. You’re probably wondering if Click Wealth System is a scam like other programs out there.

Well, it depends on how you look at it. Some people would consider it a scam because it does not deliver on all its promises. Others wouldn’t call it a scam. I’m one of the people who don’t view Click Wealth System as a scam.

I consider it a good starting product that will help you get acquainted with the world of affiliate marketing. You will quickly learn what works and what doesn’t in this industry. And there’s no greater teacher than practice.

You will purchase this $9 pack and try to see how you like to buy Ads, manage e-mail lists and send out offers. You will learn a lot about building a website, building a brand, and attracting your audience.

Yes, at the end of the day, this is a product that’s just promoting itself. But there are one or two things you can learn from it.


How to make a lot of money online
Click Wealth System is a ClickBank product, so you have a money-back guarantee.


The pros and cons

Click Wealth System is a ClickBank product, so you have a money-back guarantee.

It is a very straightforward program. Every step is laid out for you.

You can start with just $9.

These are the main pros of the programs.

As for Cons, it relies too much on Solo Ads and doesn’t provide you with any upscaling. You can’t build a business on this program. You can use the knowledge and experience you earn to build an online business on your own. That’s it.

How to make a lot of money without money

So, there is still a pandemic in the world, and staying at home is still advised. A lot of you might still work from home. So, you’ve probably wondered how to make a lot of money for your family without leaving the house.

You can start with side hustles, and see what works for you. This is the best strategy. If you’re wondering how to make a lot of money to buy a house from the start, then you might fail.

First of all, set some realistic goals for yourself. These goals should also be measurable in a specific time frame. If you set out to make $300,000 in one week without having any idea how to do that, then you’ll fail. Moreover, you’ll feel bad about yourself for not being able to “live up to your dreams”.

So, baby steps! Tell yourself you’re going to make an additional $400 this month by taking up a good side hustle. These are some excellent ideas.

Become an English tutor

You can sign up on the platform called Cambly and have conversations with people who want to learn to speak English.

You don’t need to be a qualified English teacher for this. All you have to do is speak good English. Moreover, you can work on your own hours and earn up to $12/hour. Every Monday, you’ll receive your payment via PayPal.

Moreover, you’ll feel like you’re doing some significant work, that’s also enjoyable. You will essentially help people build their conversational English skills by tutoring them 1-on-1. It could be a university student from Venezuela or a sales representative from China. So, you’ll have the possibility to learn many things from these people’s cultures, and places.

Earn money with your car

There is a great platform called Carvertise that will place Ads on your car and pay you for that. So, if you’re passionate about driving and spend a lot of time on the road in your vehicle, this could be a great opportunity of earning some extra cash.

How does it work? Basically, you sign up on their website and fill in a driver’s application. They’ll ask you some basic questions regarding your regular car trips. This way, they’ll know how to match you with a specific brand that might want to advertise in a particular location.

After that, they’ll wrap your car in whatever brand they match you with and pay you every month via direct deposit. You can earn as much as $1,200/month just by driving around in your car. That’s not bad.

At the end of the campaign, they’ll unwrap your car and maybe wrap it with another brand advertisement. That is if you want to continue working with them. I think it’s quite a good deal. Check them out.

Take part in online polls

This is probably one of the oldest methods of making money fast online. There are plenty of platforms where you can sign up.

So, basically, you sign up to take part in various market research. You’ll have to answer different questionnaires and even some in-person interviews. Some of them are really well-paid. You could even make $100/hour.

So, check out these online market research sites, sign up, and they might contact you with the ongoing research. Now, this might not be the secret ingredient to how to make a lot of money in life. Nevertheless, it’s a start. You start hustling; you start working for your dreams.

Create an Etsy account

You can start making money from your weird hobby. If you’re doing extraordinary handmade objects, artisanal products, and crafts, sell them on Etsy.

I know a lot of people who have the gift of creating fantastic artwork just for fun. Well, why not turn that into a business? You can start with an Etsy account.

In addition to craft items, you can also sell other crazy and exciting products you might have around the house.

Do not underestimate this online marketplace. There are people just like you making $12,000/month by selling weird stickers or accessories. It’s just so easy to sell on Etsy. Moreover, maybe you’ll find your niche and your calling.

You can start with a few unique, handmade bracelets, and in one year, you could open a serious online jewelry shop on Etsy. It’s definitely been done before. And you can make it big.


Just like that? Teach? Well, yes. This is how to make a lot of money as a teacher. You teach people online. There are countless ways to do it.

If you are an English teacher, you can teach English to Chinese kids. Just sign up on online tutoring platforms and offer your teaching services.

Another way of making money as a teacher is by creating classes. Skillshare is a platform that allows you to do just that. You build a course and publish it online on this platform or any other platform. You get paid royalties for every minute of watch time.


Just sign up on online tutoring platforms and offer your teaching services.


So, for example, if you write a course on how to study for exams, and publish it online on skills platforms, you can make between $500 and $5,000/month. This is passive income. So, you’ve just worked once on writing the course. You publish it. Promote it, and then you make passive income every month. Not bad!

So, if you have a skill and you’re really good at it, you can make a lot of money from that. It might be video editing; it could be social media or English literature. Create and deliver value, and you’ll receive value in return.

How can you make money and travel around the world?

This is the dream, right? Travel the world, see every wonderful little corner of this planet, and make enough money to sustain your traveling.

Well, it’s not such a difficult dream to achieve, you know. First of all, it depends on what you do as a day job. If you’re working in the online business – programmer, digital marketer, Social Media Manager – you can pack your bags and go.

Yes, you might say that you don’t make enough money to sustain such a life and have other strings keeping you home. Well, no! The decision is yours to make. Just go, and then you’ll find plenty of freelance jobs you can do remotely, from anywhere on this globe. So, first of all, you truly need to want this.

I, for example, wouldn’t like a digital nomad life. Yeah, it’s nice to travel for 2-3 months and work from different places. But that’s enough for me. So, ask yourself what you want.

As for the jobs where you make a lot of money and travel, well, there are a lot. Shall we make a list? There are actually four categories here:

  • Backpack jobs
  • Expats’ jobs
  • Jobs that pay you to travel
  • Digital nomad jobs

Backpack jobs

The truth is, you can work and travel the world at the same time. You can do it without having a glamorous, well-paid job. The main drive behind backpack jobs is seeing the world. It’s not necessarily about making a lot of money.

So, one day you just decide to travel the world. You pack your bags and go. You can work as a bartender, surfing or ski instructor, or work in hostels and resorts worldwide.

These backpack jobs don’t require a college degree of any kind. They might not make you rich fast, but they’ll provide you with an adventurous life. You’ll meet interesting people, see fascinating places, and experience new cultures.

So let’s take a look at all the potential jobs you could have.

Backpack jobs in the hospitality industry

Hostels are always on the lookout for hiring travelers for seasonal positions. Usually, in addition to your monthly compensation, you will also get free food and a place to sleep. Jobs vary from receptionists to housekeepers. You can browse through these blogs on platforms such as Hostel Jobs or Help stay.

The bartender work is pretty much the same worldwide, and it is a cool job. You will find such openings on HelpX or Help stay.

Worldwide opportunities for organic farms

If you’re a traveler on a budget, you could find a couple of jobs on organic farms around the world through the WWOOF organization. They match organic farms with workers worldwide. Nevertheless, many of these jobs won’t be paid, but you’ll get free food and accommodation. So, it could serve as a perfect way to cut travel expenses.

Yoga or Surfing Instructors

Yes, these two jobs are the same all over the world. Moreover, they are pretty well-compensated.

You could travel the world and teach yoga. There are also a few platforms for freelance yoga instructors. Check out Yoga Travel Jobs, Yoga Finder, or Yoga Trade.

Surfing is also a universal language. Besides, it’s pretty glamorous. If you’re a certified instructor with the International Surfing Association, it won’t be a problem to find freelance jobs all over the world.

Scuba diver instructors are also sought-after. So are ski instructors.

How to make a lot of money with ex-pats jobs

Expats are citizens of one country living and working in another country. So, for example, you could be an English teacher from Britain living and teaching English to children in China.

Government and diplomatic jobs could also be included in this category. Expats usually live for at least a few months in another country. So, it’s more of a steady type of traveling job where you sink your settle for a while, to absorb a new culture.

So, some of the most common expats’ jobs are

Au pair jobs and teaching jobs

So, yes, if you’re an English teacher, you can pretty much work anywhere in this world, teaching English.

Au Pair implies that you take a job as a live-in babysitter. For example, many families want their children to grow up speaking another foreign language. So, they will hire a babysitter who speaks that language and is native to that country. You can find au pair jobs on Go Overseas, Go Abroad, or Au Pair World.

Governmental and NGO work

Working for an Intergovernmental Organisation or the Foreign Services of your country will provide you with a lot of traveling. Moreover, they are also well-paid jobs.

NGO work is another potentially life-changing occupation that you can take up. It won’t pay much, but it will open new horizons for you as a person.

Jobs that pay you to travel

Yes, these jobs literally pay you to travel. If you’re wondering how to make a lot of money and travel, some of these jobs are the answer to that.

Yacht or cruise ship jobs

Imagine you’re living and working on a rich man’s yacht, traveling around the sunny coasts of Mallorca. How about that? You can find some pretty cool yacht jobs on YaCrew, Bluewater Yachting, or JF Recruiting.

Cruise Ship jobs are also fantastic opportunities for living your best life. You can be a cleaner, waiter, bartender, lifeguard, or even a musician or MC on a cruise ship. You’ll find all sorts of such opportunities on sites such as All Cruise Jobs, Indeed, or Cruise Job Finder.

Flight attendant

Flight attendants are well-paid and always look glamorous. They also get a lot of airline and hotel discounts. Moreover, they get to see some pretty spectacular places.

It’s true, sometimes the hours are too long, and that jet lag can be a problem. But you’ll work it out. There are plenty of flight attendant opportunities on Indeed or the Flight Attendant Career platform.

How to make a lot of money from digital nomad jobs

Ah, we’re finally arriving at the crown jewel of travel jobs. It is no wonder that some of these are also jobs that will make a lot of money in the future.

The future of work is pretty much remote. These jobs are the jobs of the future. Wondering how to make a lot of money without a degree? Learn some of these skills!

Developers and designers

You can write code pretty much from every beach, hotel room, or bar with a decent Internet connection. You can design a website from virtually anywhere in the world if you have a laptop.


How to make a lot of money blogging
You can pack your bags and go travel the world while writing code.


I bet that in 5-10 years, coding will be a second language. It would be like sending an e-mail or writing a Facebook post. Everyone will have to know how to do it. So, start learning code today. You don’t need a degree for that. All you need is to build one or two projects and then apply to jobs on sites like Upwork, Stack Overflow, GitHub Jobs, etc.

Then you can pack your bags and go travel the world while writing code.

Graphic designers, writers, and bloggers

These occupations will still play a significant role in the future. Furthermore, you can work from everywhere in the world. All you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop.

As a writer, you can make a lot of money writing about virtually anything. There are plenty of jobs on platforms such as freelance writing, Blogging Pro, Problogger, People per Hour, or Upwork.

Graphic Design is no different. You can find plenty of freelance gigs on Fiverr, Dribble, and so on. All you need is a portfolio or a Behance page. Yeah, well, and some talent, but talent can be trained. Yes, it can.

As a blogger, you can always travel the world and write about your experiences. There are a lot of successful travel bloggers who do just that.


Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to travel the world. As a dropshipping, you basically sell different products online. Nevertheless, someone else makes these products; someone else stores them. You just manage the online platform where you sell them. Moreover, you promote the products and create a brand for what are, essentially, someone else’s goods.

As a dropshipping, you make sure you convince people to buy a specific product. Once the customer makes the order and pays, it is up to your supplier to deliver that product. You can manage this process virtually from anywhere in the world. As with the other jobs on the list, all you need is a stable internet connection and a laptop.

Online teaching and translations

Well, yes, you can make a lot of money online with your degree as well. Online teaching is a fast-growing industry. It will keep getting bigger as children are more attracted to staying online than staying in school. Moreover, online teaching is also an excellent solution for adults who want to develop new skills.

So, if you’re a teacher or just someone who takes pleasure in teaching and tutoring others, then you can very easily offer your services. Various online platforms facilitate online education.

You can travel the world, work, and make a lot of money as a translator. Yes, there’s Google Translate, but even 15 years later after its launch, it still is awkward. Translators will always be needed to translate books, documents, and different other pieces of content. Moreover, this is a job that you can do from all over the world, without a problem.

Digital marketer

Digital marketing is one of the jobs of the future, and it can potentially bring you a lot of money. Programs like Click Wealth System are just the tip of the iceberg of digital marketing.

There is plenty to learn in this area and plenty of space for development. As a digital marketer, you need to know how to create and manage a digital marketing funnel. What is more, digital marketing also implies strategizing, planning, measuring, and reporting. It is a combination of creative work and analytical insight.

Digital Marketing is, indeed, such a global topic that you need to specialize in something to truly stand out. For example, you can be a PPC specialist. Or you can learn e-mail marketing really well, and offer that as a service.

There are many facets to digital marketing. So, if you want to learn a skill today, then that will probably be digital marketing and programming. Which would you choose?

Does a business degree help in any way?

If you’re a young man reading this article and wondering whether you should stay in school, well, the answer is YES. You should stay in school.

How to make a lot of money with a business degree?

I thought you’d never ask. A business degree is quite a serious investment in your future. There are high salaries in the business area. Moreover, a business major will teach you a lot of practical business principles that are necessary for the life of every accomplished adult.

After graduating with a business degree, you will be able to work in the government, in the business sector as an analyst, in non-profit organizations, etc. There are virtually limitless possibilities for the kind of jobs you can land with a business degree. So, if you have the possibility to go to a business school, go! Definitely, go!

I mean, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs that require a business degree are better-paid than all the other jobs. So, stay in business school!

The bottom line

The bottom line is – there is no shortcut to success. There is no such thing as easy money, and you cannot make a lot of money fast. You need to hustle. Digital marketing is one good direction you can take. You can start small with programs such as Click Wealth System and build a multi-million business from a YouTube channel.

Coding is also a great job of the future that will provide a lot of money and the satisfaction of building something from scratch. But whatever you do, remember to do it from the heart. You need to like what you do first, and the rest will follow.

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