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How does Perpetual Income 365 work as an affiliate marketing program that can help you earn an income by referring the program to others? The program contains a few ready-made squeeze pages and web hosting for those. With these squeeze pages and through Solo Ads, you can collect people’s e-mails and get them to purchase ClickBank products. Shawn Josiah, an ex-Netflix employee, created this package, and he claims it is addressed to every user, experienced or not.

So, we have already written an in-depth review of the tool, where we explained the main pros and cons. We’ve also gone through a couple of tips and tricks on bringing traffic and building value for your online business. However, this time we will focus more on the tool itself and walk you through using perpetual income 365 and how to get the most out of it.


How does Perpetual Income 365 work?
He claims it is addressed to every user, experienced or not.

How to use Perpetual Income 365

Perpetual Income 365 is probably named after the hypothetical perpetual motion machine. According to Wikipedia, such a machine could function endlessly without a power source. Of course, this is the ideal of our civilization.  The concept of a perpetual motion machine has been discussed and dreamt of since the Middle Ages. Should humanity devise a system that sustains itself infinitely without any energy source? Unfortunately, today’s laws of thermodynamics contradict the very idea of such a machine. So, what do we do? Do we give up?

Never. The idea of perpetual motion stays with us and will haunt us until we might, eventually, get it done. More than that, the idea has spread to all fields of activity, up to the financial and online world. So, if we judge by its name, the perpetual income 365 programs is meant to be a sort of perpetual motion machine that brings in income with no effort other than that of starting it in motion. So, is it possible?

We aim to answer all your main questions about perpetual income 365 sign-up and all the steps you need to take to earn an income. Moreover, we will discuss perpetual income 365 free download and costs. Let’s get going!

So, perpetual income 365 is a ClickBank product. This means if anywhere along the way, you decide it’s not for you, you can easily get a perpetual income refund. Therefore, it’s good to know you sign up for something that has a money-back guarantee.

Moving along, to begin part of it, you have to sign up on their platform, where you’ll have to pay an initial fee of $9 to get access to the Members’ Area.

Welcome to the members’ area

So, once you’re inside the Members’ area, you will have access to a special menu with a couple of features:

  • A step-by-step guide
  • Integrations
  • Money Pages – you can create money pages to send traffic to
  • 5 Clicks Profit
  • Traffic Crusher
  • Traffic for Me
  • Email ATM
  • Bonuses
  • Income Streams
  • Mindest Training
  • Leaderboard

So, are all these? Well, let’s start with the traffic crusher, which is essentially a small video that will teach you how to use Solo Ads, UDIMI, and Traffic for Me platforms. The system itself is based on Solo Ads as a means to drive traffic to a squeeze page, where you can make conversions and commission. The idea is to build such a perpetual machine that will follow this process repeatedly with very little intervention from you. This is automation.

The problem is, Solo Ads can seem quite expensive to buy. The conversion rates are also quite poor. So, you might end up spending a couple of hundred bucks until you land your first sales and commission.

At first glance, it is quite a beginner-friendly platform; it teaches you everything you need to know. Moreover, once you’ve stepped into the Member’s Area, you will see a link that will lead you to the Facebook Community. This Community is essentially a Facebook group you can join. There, you will see how perpetual income 365 works and many more insights from the actual users. It is basically a community of users who can help you achieve your income goals and dreams.

What about the Netflix algorithm

Well, the founder of perpetual income 365 is a former Netflix employee, and he might have used that a little too much in his sales pitch. Netflix has nothing to do with the program; it’s just a pushy sales pitch, which we think is a bit over-the-top.

Perpetual income software
Can help you achieve your income goals.

So, yes, you sign up for $9 for a two-month trial, and after that, the program costs $48/month. That’s the membership fee. Nevertheless, don’t worry; two months is plenty of time to decide if perpetual income 365 is right for you.

Now, back to the solo ads

So, this is a break-down of the perpetual income 365 system:

  1. You pay for Solo Ads (about $1,000 for about 2,000 clicks) – but you decide on the initial amount you want to invest
  2. They land on your Squeeze Page
  3. If they’re interested, they can directly pass to the sales page, they buy, and you get a commission.
  4. However, if not, what you’ll get is their e-mail address
  5. This is where the e-mail sequence begins; you need to keep sending them e-mails with other offers, and maybe you can get a hit, make a sale, bring in income

This is how it works. Now, there are a few problems. First, if you’re a newbie, you won’t know where to buy good Solo Ads, and you might end up with useless spam e-mails from people that have no interest in buying. You might find a little information on the perpetual income website, but they’re still not that helpful.

The second problem is that there’s little room for customization. You have ready-made squeeze pages that you can change very little of and the sales video website, which is pretty much the same. You don’t have enough “space”, and enough “real estate” to create a brand, a voice, to bring value to your audience. One of the first fundamentals of affiliate marketing is traffic, and based on traffic, there is value. You need to create value for your audience.

The people that will land on your squeeze page from Solo Ads won’t know much about you, the product, and what you’re trying to achieve. This is probably the biggest problem of perpetual income 365. There is very little room for personalization. It is a ready-made system that works within the boundaries it has set. But it is a start.

What to know about how does perpetual income 365 work?

Although the perpetual income 365 software is advertised as a ready-made solution for everyone, it would be great if you knew a little bit about:

  • conversion rates
  • how to tweak an e-mail sequence
  • how to play with a sales page
  • do split tests
  • building a brand
  • building value with long-term thinking in mind

These are the fundamentals for a perpetual, long-term affiliate marketing business.

Does Perpetual Income 365 work have educational value?

So, if you’re a newbie buying into this program, you will learn a lot from experience. This is true. If you listen to the Traffic Crusher course carefully, you will understand from the beginning that, to get 1 sale, you will need to purchase about 100 clicks, roughly. So, that’s a lot of money. From those 100 clicks, you can get about 20% subscribers, but no one guarantees you they’re not spam.

How to use perpetual income 365
You have to pay an initial sign-up fee.

You need to make about 2 sales to cover your monthly subscription of $47/month. These are the tough numbers, and they’re there in the step-by-step guide. You will go through a lot of trial and error trying to set up this affiliate marketing program and make it work. You will learn a lot about Solo Ads and all their quirks, and one day you’ll realize you need to build a brand for yourself, and you’ll grow out of perpetual income 365.

This program is merely a stepping stone to something better that you need to create yourself. In terms of the perpetual income 365 prices, it is a bit on the expensive side of things. In short, it is a costly way of starting out in affiliate marketing. You have to pay an initial sign-up fee; then, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription, also invest in Solo Ads.

The importance of building a brand

A strong brand is priceless in building trust. You need trust to attract an audience. So, building a brand is vital for any online business. Ultimately, if you want to keep earning a perpetual online income, you’ll need a brand, a voice, and a certain kind of value. You cannot do it without these.

Branding is perpetual. In fact, it is the only perpetual value you should aim to achieve. It consists of 5 main points:

1. Consistency

Your brand should never stop. You should never put it on pause. Your brand is in everything you do, from the people that work with you to the market, tools, and services you offer. A brand evolves as you evolve.

2. Distinguishing --> Creating --> Managing

These are the three main points to building a brand. You first need to distinguish your most important assets, the core of who you are, and what your business should be. Following these, you start to create your business proposition, mission, values, and strategy. Then you continue to manage it.

3. Your actions and assets should always reflect your brand

Starting from your visual identity, content, logo, colors, and right to your products or services, all of these should have a unique look and feel. This is why ready-made solutions will never work in the long term. They don’t usually offer that much customization freedom.

4. Reputation

Warren Buffet once said that “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”. We think this speaks more than we could ever do. Reputation is crucial, and it is built on honesty, transparency, and a clear message. So, what’s the message of your online business? Or what do you want it to be?

5. Your stakeholders also speak for your brand

You shouldn’t only worry about what your clients think about the brand. You should also consider the various stakeholders’ opinions. The way they interact with your business should not be damaging to the brand and reputation. You probably should always keep an eye on their perception of your brand.

So, the bottom line

How does perpetual income 365 work and does the funnel work? Yes, it does, but it is a lot harder than advertised. So, you’ve got to take it all with a grain of salt and decide if you want to go down this road or start an affiliate marketing business on your own.

If you’re already an experienced marketer, you might not need this program because you can already make enough money from your affiliate links; you already have steady traffic and good value, so you don’t really need this program.

If you’re a newbie, well, the choice is yours. Perpetual income 365 is one way to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing, but it is not the only one.

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